Top 5 Hottest Heroes Ever!

Hands down, Damon is one of my favorite protagonists. Sure, he’s a blood thirsty vampire but he has one weak spot—Elena. I love how author L.J. Smith and the writers of the TV series have shown his vulnerabilities and weaknesses such as one scene where he stays at the side of Caroline’s dying mother to give her comfort at the end. Plus, those blue eyes and wicked smile are enough for anyone to open her heart.
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2. Tobias, ‘Four’ Eaton from the DIVERGENT series
Four is a part of the Dauntless factor in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. Though he comes across as a bad ass, he worms his way into Tish’s and reader’s hearts. A must read book has to be FOUR which is a collection of short stories that go over Tobias’s life and help readers get a glimpse into the whys behind his behavior.
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3. Thomas from MAZE RUNNER
What can I say? I love author Dylan O’Brien’s role in TEEN WOLF and he is perfect as the lead actor in MAZE RUNNER. Thomas finds himself in a strange land with his memory erased. He must join the other boys in order to escape through a constantly changing maze.
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4. Bash from TV series REIGN
I’m a huge sucker for historicals set in France. Bash is the illegitimate half-brother of Daphne Francis. When Scotland Queen Mary Stuart comes to France, though she is to wed Francis, she finds herself attracted to Bash. I mean, who wouldn’t with those amazing eyes?
And last but not least . . .
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5. Jamie of OUTLANDER
I admit, I wasn’t sure about the casting of one of my all-time favorite protagonists but after watching the Starz TV series, I now know he’s perfect! Tons of chemistry between him and Claire, just like the amazing books.
Double sigh! He made me want to go to Scotland. Love the books and so far this series so much.
Now that I’ve shared some of my favorites, who are some of yours?

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