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Friday Five

1. I wasn't able to participate in the Women's March but I was there in spirit.  One woman at the Yoga Place, told me she went to the one in LA and was blown away at all that showed up.  "It was multi-generational.  It brought back my activism."  She highly recommended not to be complacent and to be, "Active and vigilant."  This is a woman who marched in the Civil Rights movement and says that Angela Davis was her mentor.  Then she corrected me, when I said, 'Women's Rights.'  "This is a case of human rights."

Stay active and vigilant when the world around us seems to be trying into a very bad episode of the Twilight Zone.

A quote from Hillary Clinton:

"Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights.  Let us not forget that among those rights are the right to speak freely-and the right to be heard."

2. Been working on my WIP.  So far up to 38K.
3. Also reading more books that take place during W…

Friday Five

1. First off, tomorrow I won't be on the internet or watching TV.  This is my way to protest the election.  So for that reason I'm posting my 'Friday' five post a day early.

I won't get all politically here but feel strongly that I need to speak out against injustices and wrongs of this campaign.

I did get this yesterday, along with a quote from Hillary Clinton that I love:

"Please never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it.  It is.  It is worth it."

2. Exciting news:  Younger sister who is a paid genealogist connected with a family member.  Found out that our real Italian name is Baccelli and is pronounced: Buh-chel-ee.  Our family originates from Tempagnano.  This is a small village close to Lucca, Tuscany, Italy.

How cool is that?

Check out this site:

3. Here's some books I've been reading this week:

Love this collection of stories on women heroes of WWII.  Each of these women showed courage a…

Friday Five

1. Wow, this year has started off not that great as I had the dreaded stomach flu.  Teen and I both had it for five days!

Two weeks before we had a mild case of the flu bug.  And I had the flu shot!  All of us did!

I think it's because I've been battling with depression after the election.  I've been in a serious funk and it's been hard to bounce back from it.

It's like I've gone through most of the stages that are similar when you lose someone.

a. disbelief
b. numbness
c. depression

I love how the TV show BLACKISH shows EXACTLY how I've been feeling!

Right now I'm thinking of ways to channel how I've been feeling about the election results into something positive.  I also need to rise above it all.

Mostly I need to remember some wise words of advice from Pam at yoga who marched in the Civil Rights movement of the 60s in the South.

"Be active and vigilant."

2. I only started writing again this week with the goal of getting 500-1K …

Top 10 YA books of 2016

I usually do a post where I share my top YA picks of the year.  I'm a little behind as I was mega sick but now I'm feeling better.

So here's my list!

10. RUN

Loved this story of an unlikely friendship and where one character is openly bisexual but that's not the theme of this novel.  Mostly this is a story of the strength of friendship.  Totally loved!


This novel brought back memories of 9-11.  What's a huge plus of this novel is how readers glimpse into the lives of two very unlikely people on that fateful day and how what happened still impacts family and friends today.  The author doesn't hide the racism that is still felt today.  But this is also a story of hope and forgiveness.


Lush, beautifully written dark urban fantasy that doesn't disappoint! There's alliances, betrayals, secrets, monsters, and an omg worthy ending that gave me chills! My only disappointment is I have to wait another year for the sequel!