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March Madness Day 30

We're almost there!!!!

Can you see the end is in fact in sight?

Today I'm piggy backing on Denise's post and  thought it would be great if we can share some of our successes.  It doesn't have to be anything big, just a little something.

For me, I was able to get to the halfway mark of my revision plus, I was able to submit the first 25 pages to a YARWA contest.  I might not win or be a finalist but I'd never know if I don't sent it out, right?

So to everyone I'm doing a little celebrate dance for those successes, no matter how big or small they might be because  you did do it!

Stop at Shari's for the last day of March Madness!

Friday Five

1. Weather is crazy out here in Southern Ca.  Yesterday and today topped the 90s!  This is March, not July!!!  The weather man said our temperatures are a historical record high.  And who says that global warming doesn't exist?

This senator needs to check out the West Coast and other areas that have had historical high temps and four years of drought.

2. I've been checking out a new CW series: iZombie.  Verdict?  So far really enjoying this tale of a morgue assistant, who just happens to be a zombie, eat brains of the dead to help solve who killed them.

Sassy dialogue and a really charming villain.  By the producers of Veronica Mars.  What's not to like?

3. And wow on this season of THE AMERICANS.  Disturbing but also has me really think including one scene where the Keri Russell character stumbles on an elderly lady and lets her know she'll have to kill her.  The woman engages her in conversation about her life and viewers see the usual badass, hard Russell's mas…

March Madness Day 23

We're almost at the finish line!  Can you believe how fast this month has gone by?

Loved reading all the writing posts so far this month.  So many great analogies from plants to the ocean.

Today I want to talk about something that I think affects all of us one time or another--

The green eyed monster:

You know when this monster comes out.  It's so easy to think that everyone else is doing better, getting better deals, the top agents, etc, etc.

I remember once talking to a YA author who just got a huge book deal.  She told me she was a ten year plus overnight success.

Most successful authors have been writing for some time.  Sure, a few do grab those big deals right off the start but mostly it's those authors who persevere though those times of doubt and rejections.  They keep on the path.

I think writing has a lot to do with faith.

Martin Luther King said, "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

Isn't that the trut…

Friday Five

1. Had to have a crown replaced.  Ugh.  Good news was I didn't have to have a root canal.  Bad news?  Another crown came out after I bit down in a See's sucker.

Double ugh.  It happened on Sunday, so I put it back in my mouth.  Went to see dentist on Monday and neither he or his assistant could get it back out.  The assistant asked me, "You didn't glue it back in did you?"

Omg, do people actually do that?

2. Today getting my first bone density test.  Nervous as I don't know what to expect plus worry if all those Diet Cokes will show up.  Nah, I have been good with my calcium supplements but still send some positive vibes my way!
3. Did I mention that that other crown STILL is in my mouth?  

4. Was really excited for Rachel Hawkin's publicist to email me and ask if I wanted to read/review her upcoming YA book.

5. Downloaded DELIVER ME:
I really loved the first book PERFECTED about a futuristic society with a twist: genetically modified huma…

Top 5 Hottest Heroes Ever!

 1. Damon from THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Hands down, Damon is one of my favorite protagonists. Sure, he’s a blood thirsty vampire but he has one weak spot—Elena. I love how author L.J. Smith and the writers of the TV series have shown his vulnerabilities and weaknesses such as one scene where he stays at the side of Caroline’s dying mother to give her comfort at the end. Plus, those blue eyes and wicked smile are enough for anyone to open her heart. Photo courtesy of 2. Tobias, ‘Four’ Eaton from the DIVERGENT series Four is a part of the Dauntless factor in the Divergent series by Veronica Roth. Though he comes across as a bad ass, he worms his way into Tish’s and reader’s hearts. A must read book has to be FOUR which is a collection of short stories that go over Tobias’s life and help readers get a glimpse into the whys behind his behavior. Photo courtesy of 3. Thomas from MAZE RUNNER What can I say? I love author Dylan O’Brien’…

Q & A Tuesday: Round Up

Today’s Q And A  is with the YA paranormal author Kim Baccellia. Kim’s YA Paranormal Crossed Out is available in print and e-book at Lachesis Publishing or on amazon,Barnes and Noblekobo, and iBooks. Why are you a writer? It’s a huge part of me. If I put it off? I have very vivid dreams that haunt me. My characters don’t like it when I ‘forget’ about them. What do you love to read in your spare time? Depends. Right now readingThe Winner’s Crimeby Marie Rutkoski. It’s a YA fantasy filled with romance, mind games, power struggles, and amazing chemistry. Loving. What are three things that you do that are important to your career as a writer (aside from actually writing the book)? Building a positive presence online Having a place to write without distractions Not feeling guilty to say ‘no’ to those who feel that since I’m a writer/homeschool mom that I’m available 24/7 What are three of your top goals in your writing career? To have foreign rights on my novels

March Madness Day 16

Wow, can you believe we're halfway through this month already?  How's everyone's writing going?

On Saturday I was able to attend the latest CINDERELLA movie.  The theater was filled with young girls and tweens.

One thing I loved, besides the gorgeous costumes and Cate Blanchett's performance as the evil stepmother, had to be Cinderella's promise she made to her parents:

Be kind and courageous.

In this biz it can be easy to jump on the latest internet drama and forget to be kind.  I won't go into details, but lets say that whatever you post online STAYS there.  Even after you press the delete button.

And it's so hard at times to give up after a string of rejections.  You can become like Cinderella at her lowest time, and say, "I don't believe in the magic anymore."

So I'll be your fairy goddess and sprinkle lots of faery writing dust your way!

What do you all do when you forget the magic of writing?

With me, some times, I have to take a b…

An Ember in the Ashes Teaser & Giveaway

I'm excited to share a teaser of AN EMBER IN THE ASHES. Hollywood Reports calls AN EMBER IN THE ASHES: “The Hunger Games with Game of Thrones…and adds a dash of Romeo and Juliet.”

Also exciting is there will be a giveaway  for another 5 signed copies of the ARC and 5 T-shirts. This giveaway will run for 1 month (until 4/16) and have 5 winners

 Rafflecopter link:

Friday Five

1. Working on latest project.  Tentative new title is CANDLE IN THE WIND.  Drawing deep for emotions and using my new hummingbird notebook to sketch out this storyline.

2. Just finished reading this amazing YA contemporary novel that will for sure be on my Must Read books that deal with mental illness.  Yes, it's that good!

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Honest portrayal of a teen dealing with schizophrenia that has a THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER meets SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK feel and wowza moments throughout. A top 2015 YA book that deals with mental illness in a realistic and honest way.

3. Fellow YA Books Central editor, Jen, totally recommended this book.  Jen rocks something fierce with not only her book but music reviews which are spot on.

Omg, told about feels!  This book has intense emotional reactions and so far I'm totally mesmerized under it's spell.

Feeling this so far: 

**Love when a book does that!

March Madness Day #9

Now that we're in week two of March Madness, how is everyone's writing going?

Sending lots of fairy writing dust your way!
For today I was thinking of writing rituals.  I'm a former bilingual teacher and very anal on schedules and such.  Even after I stopped teaching in the public school system, I continued to have schedules.  I find it helps me to stay focused and on task.
My writing rituals including blocking in time every day to write.  I do take Sundays off because I think it's important to have one day of rest no matter what belief or non belief a person might have.
I find a place to write:
Usually the coffee house.  I also have a tea latte.

One big thing for me is having Playlists to help me get into the minds of my characters.  For my current project it has more of an edgy flair and for the protagonist's love interest?  Country music. 
I'm not a huge fan of country music but my character LOVES it and it reflects his personality.
I have an iTunes account…

Friday Five

First off?


Sent off to my editor on Tuesday.

Best feeling ever!

For those who are counting this means I've finished....

5 novels!!!

2. Read this amazing story:

Teens parents sell everything and go to San Francisco to wait out the end of times.  Love the insight into the teen's struggles and conflicts with their obviously misplaced parent's faith and how they feel about being homeless and living in a van.


Always love books that think outside the box.  This graphic novel has a guy make a deal with death.  He has 200 days to accomplish a great work of art and then he dies.  Problem is he meets his love of live right after this deal.  Great illustrations and storyline.


This is a twist on the whole time traveling premise with the love story of Lucas and Juliet.  He swears he remembers everything about them from first kiss, first fight, and more.  Problem is they're never been together.  Juliet at first thinks he's nuts but the chemistry bet…

March Madness-Day Two

Now that we've set our goals for this month, I thought I'd like to talk on inspiration.

Is there a certain place where you like to write that helps with inspiration?  Motivates you to write?

For me, this is where my writing happens:

Since I homeschool and husband works from home, my favorite place to write and get my creative juices flowing has to be the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf off of Seventeenth street in Santa Ana, Ca.  **Don't you love the fancy glass with my beverage?

I swear I need to acknowledge them in my uncoming books as I've finished not one but two books here.

When I had a writer's block, I ended up Netflixing ROSWELL The TV series to feel the emotion that my story was lacking.  Max and Liz's love story totally inspired me.

Also at last OCCRWA meeting, the speaker recommended carrying a notebook for each of your stories.  Loved this idea and brought a few where I sketch out my storyline, characters, and also draw other points in my story.