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Friday Five

1. This week started off with a trip to Labcorp to have blood drawn:

As you can tell, it didn't go well.  It took the techs 7 times before they were able to get blood.  This is just one of my arms.  The other one looked the same way.  Kuddos to tech Oliver for FINALLY being able to get blood!

*Not the only one having to visit doctor.  Damon went to see Dr. Coward at the Animal and Bird Clinic for his newborn baby checkup:

He's doing well!

2. Been scoring for a big testing firm.  Yes, I finally think I'm feeling more comfortable with grammar!

3. Finished reading:

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Diverse multi-layered characters along with plot twists and reveals is guaranteed to keep readers guessing on the whys behind not only the dead girl but the reasons for the secrecy.

4. Reading: 

This is a creeptastic YA novel where a teen accidently opens a portal to a world that takes over inanimate things(like trash cans) and …

Friday Five

1. Omg, on Prince death.  I danced to his songs at the discos in the later 70s/early 80s.  My all-time favorite had to be When Doves Cry.


2. Went to high school orientation last night.  Son is going to attend public high school after being homeschooled since the third grade.

3. Was really excited to be included on the SLJ's blog for Mental Awareness Month.  Here's my link to my post in case you missed it.

Teaser: Intriguing YA paranormal with a Wuthering Heights feel going for it. There’s a mystery behind the ghostly forbidden lovers; Native American lore; romance; and suspense. All this set behind a paranormal world that is complete with ghosts and a curse. A fast-read for fans of the paranormal and romance.

5.  Very excited to get another box of books from the fab YA Books Central.  XoXo 

Right now reading MY MAD FAT DIARY by Rae Earl:
Omg, this book is frickin' hilarious!  
YA Books Central review coming soon!
**Need to go and get sonogram to check on the progress …

#MHYALit: Shattered Illusions: Growing up with a Bipolar Father

#MHYALit: Shattered Illusions: Growing up with a Bipolar Father, a guest post by Kim BaccelliaAPRIL 19, 2016 BY LEAVE A COMMENT “What’s wrong with Dad?” No one spoke out loud about my father’s strange behavior, but I knew something wasn’t quite right with him.  My question would be answered with either silence or in a lowered voice, “We don’t discuss that.”
There were days he’d be like a helium balloon, filled with so much air and energy that I swear he’d be floating.  When Dad drank?  He was that funny drunk.  He’d tell these hilarious stories that would have me and my sisters laughing.  Dad could be very charming.  He was very impulsive. He loved animals and Grandma Baccellia once shared how he brought home an injured bird, asking her to help it.
Then there was the other side.  The nights he’d scream for the demons to leave him alone while he’d slam his fist into the drywall.  Our walls resembled Swiss cheese.  He’d stay in his darkened room for days.  My older half-s…

Friday Five

1. Damon is now 12 weeks old!

Went and visited with him on Wednesday but he might still have to stay as he's not all the way weaned off baby formula.  So here's crossing fingers I can bring him home next week!

2.  Been working on revision.  Yesterday at favorite Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf with an iced mocha blended drink with NSA chocolate.

3. And omg on this week's episode of EMPIRE:

Lucious's new spin on his music video BOOM BOOM is haunting as it reveals his painful childhood and his bipolar mother.  I love Cookie but I admit I was kind of shaking my head:


Of course seeing the 'truth' about his Grandma who kills herself would trigger Andre's bipolar disorder.

Speaking of bipolar disorder...

4. This week I've been reading books that address bipolar disorder to help with my guest blog post.  I found that the DMS has changed the diagnosis since I had abnormal psychology back at BYU.  Now there's Bipolar 1 and Bipolar 2.…

Friday Five

1. Well, I think Damon might in fact be a female.  But then went online and it says you won't know until the first molting which is around 4-5 months.

Found this which I found was interesting:

Here's the latest photo of Damon at 11 weeks:

But then I found this too which is interesting:
So now I'm more confused than ever!  I didn't want to do the blood DNA test as it would be so hard to say, "Nah, I don't want the bird based on it's sex."  **I kind of know how that feels.  So he's still mine! Damon is very vocal at the shop and kind of laid back.  So I figured I'd 'change' name but Damon is also listed as a girl name!

So Damon it'll be!

2.  Have less than a 100 pages left in this revision!

Based on reader feedback the ending goes by way too fast and is confusing.  So I've been going back and fleshing out scenes more.

**Yes, my new baby cockatiel is named after THAT Damon!

3. There's a Parisian theme with the books I've…

Friday Five

1. It's Spring break!  Or more like we have three days off as son's charter school doesn't align with the public school out here.



2. Been hitting this revision big time.  Going over feedback from critique buddy and also from another YA author.

Trying to fill in some plot holes and not have story line confusing.

3. Saw Damon.  He's now 10 weeks old!

4. Finished reading the latest Alyson Noel novel!

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Dark, gritty, and highly addictive, this series is sure to wrap it's tale around readers. Pretty Little Liar meets The Apprentice set in the dark underside of Hollywood. How far would you go to get a piece of fame?

5. Almost done reading DOREEN.

This is a YA retelling of Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Think Mean Girls meet a photographer that magically Photoshops a person in real life but the inner beauty or lack of slowly shows up in …