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Friday Five

1. Been driving all over town getting stuff for son's upcoming Yosemite and Half Dome hike trip.  He's now 5'8!  And of course all the camping clothing stuff from last year's trip don't fit so I had to get more clothing, hiking boots, and other gear.

This all equals $$$

He'll be going with his scout troop from church so he'll be taken care of.

2. Scoring some more.  Was put on a new project that is really ...


This is me after a hour of analyzing essays.

3. Just finished reading an amazing YA contemporary that deals with a girl in a cult.  I thought at first, yeah, another cult survivor story.


This is a raw, intense account of Minnow, a teen who was raised in a hidden cult  and the horrific trials she goes through by just questioning.  An insightful look into Minnow's journey from victim to survivor.

Total must read!

4. Listening to TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and totally loving.  Son needs to read in 9th grade so I decided to get the audio bo…

Friday Five

1. Been busy scoring essays.  This is me after 4 hours of scoring essays:

Looks like there's a couple more weeks of this project and after that, I'll finish that so-called 'quick' read of my latest project.  **Really need to get this done so I can make my Fall deadline of querying!

2. Speaking of projects, I've been featured over on my Lachesis publisher's site.

Tuesday there's a Q&A post:

Wednesday I share some of my Top 5 Horror books:

Thursday comment on your own favorite children/YA book!

Comment and have a chance at winning a free e-book!  Better yet, let me know you commented on Friday's post and I'll send you some swag.

And with all that I should be having some news to share on the writing front!

3. Doing some research for a possible romance set in the 1920s.

This series was suggested:

I'm really getting into this YA …

Friday Five

1. First off, the last day of school was Wednesday.  Son is done with middle school and will be a freshman in high school this next school year.

On how I feel about school being over:

One more year of homeschooling and then going to transition son to public high school.  Hoping this will mean I will be able to write full-time again as it looks like I might have more on my plate!
Speaking of:
2. I might have some more news to share next week!  Writing news.  
3. Right now finishing up a quick read of my revision before doing yet another quicker round of edits on it and then I will be sending to critique buddy so I can get ready to query again!
4. Just finished reading THE EDGE OF FOREVER
My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Fast-paced time travel tale with twists and turns throughout and with a mystery that keeps readers turning the pages.
5. Agent Jen Laughran mentioned this book on Twitter and I got a sample.  Omg, it…

Friday Five

1. Doing a quick read through on my project.  Making notes, comments throughout.  Hope to finish the read-through by next week.  Then put aside for a few, work  new feedback in and then let critique buddy read.

This project has been going on and off since 2011.  Hope to finally get it into shape to start querying in the Fall.

2. Need to start work on a new project...soon.  Hopefully that will help me get excited on writing again.  I think the combo of end of the year drama, family issues, and other things have me stuck in a funk.

Hoping to find that light at the end of the tunnel.
3. Right now reading DAUGHTER OF DEEP SILENCE:

This book is filled with awesomeness.  Think REVENGE meets YA.  Totally loving!

YA Books Central review coming real soon!

4.  Also reading RUN TO YOU.

Really enjoying this paranormal romance!

5. Went and saw the remark of POLTERGEIST the other day with son.  This newer version upped the creep factor and was entertaining but omg that clown.  **Did I mention how m…