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Friday Five

1. Started week off with hosting a YA Books Central chat with NYT Bestselling author Rachel Caine--author of the Morganville Vamp series and a brand new series.  It was fast-paced and very fun!

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: There's suspense, adventure, the grittiness of war and loss, betrayal, secrets, and more! The build up to the final reveal has Jess confront the very thing he fears.

Fascinating new series with an alternative history where the Library of Alexandria still exists and the few brave enough to stand up to the controlling power that means to silence them. Highly recommended!

2. Right now reading THE FIXER by Jennifer Barnes

Think YA meets SCANDAL with a dash of VERONICA MARS.  Really enjoying!

3. Younger brother went to a Frida Kahlo exhibit in Tijuana, Mexico and brought me back stuff!  His fiancee, who is a Mexican national, recommended.


4. Have to fix patio cover.  Looks like we h…

Friday Five

1. So I've been in a mega funk with my writing.  Need to motivate self to get up earlier, say 'no' more(during summer this seems harder to do), and just:

Tell self this:

Exactly?  What am I afraid of?  It's not as if I haven't had three books published so far( and one was a reissue).  Getting rejections is scary but one thing I've learned from being a Staff reviewer at YA Books Central is it's all subjective.  Someone might HATE my work, while another person might actually like it.

But it's very daunting to get out there.  I just need to:

And get through this:

2. Saying that, I am working on edits for my sequel right now.  I'm finding that I tend to overuse certain words and phrases.  Sigh.  But I'm trying to look at this in a more positive way by using this experience to help me hone the craft so my latest books will shine more!
3. I'm eighty percent done reading GO SET A WATCHMAN
Or don't read past here if you haven't …

Friday Five

1. Now with scoring over till a promised Fall project, it's back to writing.

Only it's been slow as it's hard to get back into the swing of things and it's summer break!

I should be doing this:

Only it's been more like this:

This is totally me:

Need to gain more confidence in my writing ability and just finish this DANG REVISION!
2. Been listening to GO SET A WATCHMAN by Harper Lee.
Right before the release, there were a lot of naysayers saying basically, "Don't read as Lee was taken advantage of."  To, "Atticus is a racist in this book."  None of these naysayers have even read the book.  Uh, isn't it censorship if you tell others not to read a book just because you 'heard' things about it?
Right now I'm enjoying this novel that's more a reflection of Jean Louise's past and her coming to grips with her future along with her relationship with Atticus.  TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD(which I just finished) is mostly Jean Louise&…

Friday Five

1. Finished scoring.  Yay!

2. Been working on edits for sequel to GODDESSES.  Liz does a fab job of bring the best out of my work.  Whenever I think of those who tell me that they don't need editors?  I cringe.  Maybe that's fine with them but I just know without a good edit job?  It's like night and day.

3. Finished reading this fab YA book.  Colleen Lindsay over on Twitter highly recommended.

Her comments on Twitter:  Yes! Nova is a fantastic debut novel! Tell everyone about it! And then tell the author @mara_fortune if you like it!
9:00am · 4 Jul 2015 · Twitter Web Client
Let's just say, she was so right!  Loved this novel something fierce!
YA Books Central review link:
Teaser: Author does a great job of taking an otherwise unsympathetic heroine(in this case readers aren't sure if she's a suicide bomber or not) and digs deep to reveal a mind boggling truth. Mostly though, this is a story of one girl's f…

Friday Five

1. Son's been gone all week at Yosemite with his scout troop.  He was able to go on a white water rapids excursion and hike the Half Dome while there.

With son gone that meant husband and I were able to go out to the movies, dinner, and breakfast.  Plus, I was able to get some writing done!

2. Teaser on a secret project I've been working on:

3. Still scoring.  Should be done with project by this next Friday!

4. Read THE RULES by Nancy Holder

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: A bloody twist on the game CLUE with a huge helping of I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER. Tons of twists and turns that leave readers second guessing on who the killer might be. THE RULES is sure to appeal to horror fans.

5.  Finishing THE STARS NEVER RISE by Rachel Vincent

Really loving this twist on the whole dystopian demon hunter series.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Finally going to see this movie.  Everyone's been telling me it 'nails' the whole d…