Friday Five

1. Finished scoring.  Yay!

2. Been working on edits for sequel to GODDESSES.  Liz does a fab job of bring the best out of my work.  Whenever I think of those who tell me that they don't need editors?  I cringe.  Maybe that's fine with them but I just know without a good edit job?  It's like night and day.

3. Finished reading this fab YA book.  Colleen Lindsay over on Twitter highly recommended.

Her comments on Twitter:  Yes! Nova is a fantastic debut novel! Tell everyone about it! And then tell the author @mara_fortune if you like it!

Let's just say, she was so right!  Loved this novel something fierce!

YA Books Central review link:

Teaser: Author does a great job of taking an otherwise unsympathetic heroine(in this case readers aren't sure if she's a suicide bomber or not) and digs deep to reveal a mind boggling truth. Mostly though, this is a story of one girl's faith-faith in believing in a cause of saving humanity but mostly in herself. Powerful ending! A total must read! Can't wait to read the next book in this series!

4. Finished this engaging YA paranormal:

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Engaging paranormal romance where betrayals and lies are on every turn. The bubbling romance between Tristan and Tessa starts out slowly and then concludes with a moment of trust. Who can believe who? And how far would you go to save the ones you love?

5. Read the sample of this latest YA on my Kindle and waiting very IMPATIENTLY for the book!

1962 and the Cold War!  I'm hooked already!

** Went to Omar's Exotic Bird store and checked out the latest group of cockatiels.  Still haven't purchased another one.  It's been hard.  Still, these guys are so smart, curious, and lovable.

***Guilty pleasure:

Went to Luxury theater and saw MAX.  This is a story of a marine service dog that after his handler's death, is sent back to the states.  He then is taken by the handler's family and Max only will listen to the handler's brother.  Really enjoyed.  There were some sad parts like at the handler's funeral and Max throws himself on the casket and cries. Son totally loved.

Highly recommend!


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