Friday Five

1. Now with scoring over till a promised Fall project, it's back to writing.

Only it's been slow as it's hard to get back into the swing of things and it's summer break!

I should be doing this:

Only it's been more like this:

This is totally me:

Need to gain more confidence in my writing ability and just finish this DANG REVISION!

2. Been listening to GO SET A WATCHMAN by Harper Lee.

Right before the release, there were a lot of naysayers saying basically, "Don't read as Lee was taken advantage of."  To, "Atticus is a racist in this book."  None of these naysayers have even read the book.  Uh, isn't it censorship if you tell others not to read a book just because you 'heard' things about it?

Right now I'm enjoying this novel that's more a reflection of Jean Louise's past and her coming to grips with her future along with her relationship with Atticus.  TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD(which I just finished) is mostly Jean Louise's reflections of her father Atticus.  She had him up on a pedestal.  Some out there say that book taught us tolerance.  I didn't feel that way at all.  Rather I saw an eight year old girl's vision of her father, who she worshipped.  Of course, as an adult this vision would be challenged(and it is) and she'd become disillusioned.  Just listened to one very powerful scene that is gut-wrecking with her painful realization that Atticus is human after all.

I'll share my overall impressions when I finish.

3. Finished this and really loved: 

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Think 60s Beach Party meets Cold War Berlin with suspense, excitement, & mysteries. Throw in espionage and a fated wall that will divide a city. Hints of romance too that make this the perfect summer time read!

4. Reading this right now: 

Zan is the daughter of a politician.  During a forced mother-daughter outing to Turkey, she stumbles among an antiquities smuggling ring.  She becomes involved as their criminals feel she can lead them to an ancient treasure.

Really, enjoying!

5. Getting two days of edits in with Liz at Zumaya on the sequel to GODDESSES.  Finding that placing character in a real city is challenging too.  You got to make sure your research is up to date.  For example, I had a scene by the Seine where my characters place a lock on the lock bridge.  Well, officials just took that infamous bridge down.

A writer who lives in Paris did share this with me:

Photo courtesy from Amy Plum

The big thing is you need to keep up to date on things especially if you decide to use that city in your novel.

**Guilty pleasure:

Going to mall to get some more makeup.  My eye shadows are really old!  Interested in the urban decay Naked set.

Plus, it's nice to just get away for a few!  Later, will be doing another round of edits!


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