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Friday Five

1. Hope you all survived Thanksgiving!  We stayed home and celebrated.  So glad I didn't hit the roads as 1) it was snowing big time in Salt Lake City, where husband's family is, 2) the traffic out of LA area was gridlocked for a long time.

Yes, staying home was nice and less stressful!

2. Been writing everyday on this new project.  It's slowly coming along.  Totally a sh**ty first draft but I've given myself permission to do this and not stop and go back to edit.

Teaser on project:

3. Also been reading.  I have LOTS of Cybils nominated books to go through!

This one isn't out yet but reading it for YA Books Central.

Verdict:  Love this gut wrenching tale of two teens who find each other again and discover how the power of friendship can literally save a life.

Review coming soon!


Really love the voice of this debutante meets Pride and Prejudice.  Twenty year old Megan can't believe she has to be a part of the whole Texas debutante scene.  What she goes throu…

Friday Five

1. Trying hard not to be too down on election results.

But it's been really hard.

Yoga has helped.  One older African American woman, who marched in Civil Right's rallies during the 60s told me to be centered but also to be vigilant and active.

2. Been writing 1K-2K words a day on NaNowrimo project.  This one isn't YA but a romance with historical flashbacks that involve the Italian Resistance.  Younger sister's Italian friend has been helping with some info on the Resistance and other things that are Italian.

Hint on what is in story:

3 Also been reading more Cybils nominated books!


STILL LIFE WITH TORNADO is an unique take on a dysfunctional family.  The ending was totally wowza worthy.


I really loved this contemporary YA that begins now and then flashes back to 9-11.  What's great about this novel is that it shows the power of hope and forgiveness among the ugliness of hate.  Both times interconnect and how learning…

Friday Five

1. If you missed my announcement, I'm excited to announce that my YA diverse thriller CANDLE IN THE WIND placed third in the 2016 Pages of the Heart Contest.  I'm excited as 1) I've never placed in a RWA charter contest 2) this is the motivation I need to help me continue my writing!

2. The other news is I'm kind of down that Hillary didn't win the election.  I've been numb and just disillusioned over it all.  Hope that Trump appoints good advisers and is humble to listen to their advice.  
3. One way not to get too down over the election is reading.

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Coming of age story that has three different heroines battle not only the enemy but their own doubts and struggles of what it means to be fighting in a war that isn't use to women being on the front lines. Mostly though this is a story of three girls who go on a journey that has them become strong and cour…

Friday Five

1. Just got some great news!  Can't share...yet but it has something to do with writing!

**Thought I'd start with something positive as these past few weeks, with all the campaigning going on, have really stressed me out.

2. I'll be so glad when this election will be over.

3. Been reading more Cybil nominated books.

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Emotional packed tale of that infamous day where through it all, hope refuses to be silent.

3.Also really enjoyed WOLF BY WOLF:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Engaging story set in an alternative universe where Hitler won and a girl that will do anything to bring down the man behind destroying her loved ones. Totally recommend for fans of alternative universes with paranormal twists.

4. I was so excited to get a galley of SILVER STARS!

5. Been writing everyday on my NaNowrimo project.  If you're …