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Friday Five

1. Finished reading this:
Think Titanic meets Teen Wolf.  Loved this historical/paranormal YA.  YABC review coming soon!

2.  Reading this:

Been hearing tons of hype on this book and just had to read it.  So far the first chapter is pretty good. 

3. What would my week be without a comic book or two?

Picked up HOUSE OF NIGHT which is only $1 for the first issue.  Verdict?  Interesting retelling of the popular YA vampire series by the mother/daughter team of P.C. Cast.

4. Also grabbed the latest ANGEL AND BUFFY issue.  I love this series even more than, heaven forbid, BUFFY.

5. Getting ready to help out with a soon to be announced project.  Will let all know when it's announced!  Let's just say I'm excited to be helping out with this!

**Guilty pleasure:

I'm going to be needing a lot of this--especially this year with MIL living just down the street from us.  I'm loving Starbucks Mocha Peppermint soy lattes.  I don't have whip cream as I'm allergic to m…
MuseItUp  MG-YA Blog-A-Thon

Hi, my name is Sue Perkins and I’d like to thank Kim for hosting me on her blog today.

I write mainly fantasy, for adults, young adults and middle grade readers. My imagination runs wild when I create worlds outside of reality. It is lovely to cast off the restraints of day to day life and dive into my imagination. Through my books I hope I share my worlds with my readers.
My first Middle Grade book Spirit Stealer will be released by MuseItUp Publishing in October. I began writing this book in the late 1990s but other projects took over pushing this manuscript to one side. When I found MuseItUp Publishing I knew immediately my novel had found a home. Luckily MuseItUp agreed with me.
Spirit Stealer is a fantasy book set in the nighttime world of a library. The library is officially opened in 1908 and the story begins here and continues through to the 21st Century. Fader, an orphan who lives on the streets, believes the nice warm library building is exactly wh…
1. Yes, dear MIL is coming this Sunday at 3pm. I ended up getting a huge calendar to put on my refrigerador and filled it out with my schedule for next week. That way she can see I'm busy and she'll have to work around what I'm doing. **Let's see how this goes.

2. Been reading this:

Love the voice and the latest antics Evie gets into.

3. Also excited that I was able to get approved by Tu Publishing to review:

Under the Mesquite

This is a contemp YA told in free verse with a Latina protagonist. So far really loving this story!


I've been hearing tons of great things about this dystopia.

5. And another Tu Publishing upcoming title:

This one sounds really fun. I read Greg's first book when it was nominated for a Cybils and our whole family loved it. I expect the same thing with his latest!

** Also was finally able to see SUCKER PUNCH:

My verdict: I thought this movie had a very interesting premise of a young girl who's stepfather puts her in an inst…
Yahoo!  CROSSED OUT is now available at Fictionwise!
So MIL called last night to tell us she's coming this Sunday.  She refused to negogiate with realtor on the one condo.  Somehow she thinks that if it's meant to be well everything will fall into place. 

I have a plan of action:

1.  Order a new Dell battery so when I drop son off at soccer camp next week, I can write.

2.  Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf will be my writing place all next week.  Plus their tea is nommy.

3. Write.  Plan to work on both my sekrit project and my sequel at this time.  Don't listen to naysayers.  Just do it.

4. Eat healthy per doctor's orders.

5. Don't cancel important doctor appointments/medical services just because MIL is here.

6. Don't get into the whole guilt trip thing.

7.  And finally the hardest thing to do: Say NO.  I won't redo my plans just for her especially since she's been so picky and demanding.  Son's still upset we missed a swim party because of her last visit which of course was a wash as she found fault in every…
Just got back from seeing COWBOYS AND ALIENS.

My verdict?

Wow.  This is one gritty movie with tons of violence and gore.  We read the reviews from some parent sites which made it sound like a corny western/Sci-Fi movie.  So we took our 10 year old.


Yes, son said he liked it but I thought it really pushed the PG-13 rating thing.  I ended up covering my eyes through most of the movie.  Yes, I admit it, I don't care for violence and gore in movies.  Probably one reason I hate video games too.

Harrison Ford looks old in this flick and he did do a good job acting.  Olivia Wilde was surprisely good.  And Daniel Craig was good as someone who finds himself stranded with a weird metal bracelet on his wrist.  The premise was very intriguing but overall I felt shell struck when I came out of the theater.

A better action flick?


I really enjoyed this take on the comic book hero.  The story was bittersweet.  Just the way I love them.  Also we're introduced to an under…
Since Live Journal has been a pain in the butt I thought I'd go ahead and come here for awhile.

Here's my Friday Five:

1. Well the whole MIL drama continues.  She refused to do another bid on her condo and says she wants to look some more.  This means of course that she plans to come back down here.  Yes, we're all kind of stressed.  This is going to be interesting.

2. Reading PRIZED
Really enjoying this sequel to BIRTHMARKED.

3. Just got this in the mail:
Very excited to read this!  Loved the first book. 

4. Broke down and took advance of the $2 Starbucks drink after 2pm today and didn't feel guilty about it.  Well, maybe a tad bit as it ended up being dinner.  What this is at certain Starbucks stores if you purchase a drink, at 2pm on that same day you can come back and get any grande drink for $2.  I also found you can add as many things to it too and it's still $2.  What a deal!

Try the new Refresher drinks if they are offered.  Love them.

5. Really enjoyed being…