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Friday Five

1. Didn't blog last week as the plague hit our house big time.

It seems everyone I know has been affected including my stepdad Elwood who is in the hospital and also my mother.

Sent positive, healthy vibes their way!

2. Since I've been ill with this annoying cough, I've been reading lots.

I'm a huge fan of the Tudors and this book gives readers a glimpse of the volatile court during Queen Katherine's reign.

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Vivid glimpse into the volatile Tudor court where men held the power over everything, including the destiny of women. Readers see the courage of Elizabeth and how she takes destiny into her own hands


This book shows what happens when someone files sexual harassment charges in a college setting.  One of the problems I had with this novel was even through this was in fact Jenny's story of being raped, she felt disconnected and distant.  Instead readers…

Friday Five

1. This last week before the holiday break has been:


Been making candy for son's friends; going to a high school holiday choral program; Progressive dinner; and wrapping gifts to send to family up North!

Been going to yoga as I need the mediation part big time:

2. Also been reading!

Here's a couple Cybils nominated books:

This one has an unique twist on the whole 'abduction' trend this year.  I love when I don't caught on what really happened!


This one is a love story between two unlikely people.  One is known as the 'Fattest Teen' and the other has a problem recognizing people.  
Think Groundhogs Day meets Death.  This is an addictive, page turning tale about Death giving a proposition to a teen to stop a fellow classmate from killing himself.

This is a fun non-fiction book which shows some famous failures and how the inventors turned a bad experience into something more!  
**Guilty Pleasure:
I've been BAD with my writing this …

Friday Five

1. One more week of school and then it's Holiday break!

2. I didn't finish my NaNowrimo project but will use this month to do that.  My goal is to write at least 1K everyday so by the end of December I should have 50K.

3. This time of year is always hard for me but this year has felt even worse with the election.  So I've also been practicing more yoga and meditation.  Plus, read.  Reading always seems to help!

I really loved this Thelma and Louise meets YA story. This is mostly a story of an unlikely friendship and how each of them helps the other.



This one is about a homeless cutter and her journey to wellness.  There's some very dark things in this novel like her time in the institution after being found outside.  Also the relationship she has with a 27 year old guy.  It does address a sensitive topic-cutting-that I feel needs to be out there.
I admit, I've been craving lighter, fun tales and this one fits the bill.  YA romance about a girl who sta…

Friday Five

1. Today is husband's birthday.

Happy birthday, Mike!!!

2. Didn't 'win' at NaNowrimo this year but I did finish 30K words!  I plan to finish this project by the end of this month.

Some more teasers on my project:

3.  Been reading Cybils nominated books.
Love this YA twist on Life of Pi meets The Mean Girls. Fab voice.
Omg, on the dialogue in KILL THE BOY BAND. Punchy, snarky, and hilarious. Dark humor at it's best!

This seems to be the year of the 'abducted child/teen only this book fascinates me as the one kidnapped child has autism.  So far I'm totally engaged as the book goes back and forth from the POV of the teen who was abducted when he was eleven years old and the sister of the autism boy.
**Added mention to former critique buddy Janet Simcic and her nonfiction book on traveling to Italy:

Janet has been to Italy a number of times and this book has helpful suggestions on what to do if you go over there.  Yes, I'm using as research for my NaNo pr…