Friday Five

1. This last week before the holiday break has been:


Been making candy for son's friends; going to a high school holiday choral program; Progressive dinner; and wrapping gifts to send to family up North!

Been going to yoga as I need the mediation part big time:

2. Also been reading!

Here's a couple Cybils nominated books:

This one has an unique twist on the whole 'abduction' trend this year.  I love when I don't caught on what really happened!


This one is a love story between two unlikely people.  One is known as the 'Fattest Teen' and the other has a problem recognizing people.  


Think Groundhogs Day meets Death.  This is an addictive, page turning tale about Death giving a proposition to a teen to stop a fellow classmate from killing himself.


This is a fun non-fiction book which shows some famous failures and how the inventors turned a bad experience into something more!  

**Guilty Pleasure:

I've been BAD with my writing this week.  I did get in almost 1K .  Hope to go to Coffee House and grab a holiday drink to help with my motivation!

Did purchase this one bracelet to help me remember to believe in myself especially when those rejections come rolling around:



Little Willow said…
BELIEVE is one of my favorite words! Happy holidays! :)
Kim Baccellia said…
You have a great holiday too!

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