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More Cybils Love

I thought it would be fun to share some of the amazing Cybils nominated books I'm reading.  I'm on the first panel to help narrow down 205 nominated YA fantasy/Sci-Fi books.  **My favorite category!

This week I was able to read:

ADAPTATION has a subtle creepiness to it which is kind of like a YA Fringe.  There's a conspiracy with creepy psycho birds that just fall dead out of the sky.

This one has a daughter of Lucifer who happens to find herself on Earth.  Loved the voice of this intriguing tale.

This book is hilariously twisted.  It kept me in stitches!  A book that is sure to appeal to reluctant readers!

I really enjoyed this Groundhog's Day twist to a ghost's tale told through a boy's POV.

I really loved BUMPED, the first book in this series.  THUMPED is the second book.  I enjoyed the tongue in cheek twist of this dystopian world where HAIDMAIDEN'S TALE meets Reality TV only it's popular to get pregnant before 18.  Or before the virus makes you inf…


I'm excited to be part of the PASSION BLUE virtual book tour.

I was lucky enough to read and review PASSION BLUE.

My YABC review:

Here's a teaser:

Beautifully written, this YA historical will have readers follow a heroine on her journey through self-acceptance during the Italian Renaissance. A total must read!

I also was able to interview the author Victoria Strauss:

**This interview is also posted on YABC:

1. Why did you decide to write a YA historical?
The idea for Passion Blue was suggested to me by an editor who'd read one of my other novels--she said she'd always wanted to read a YA historical novel about astrology.
I originally came up with a double storyline--one set during the Renaissance, one during the present day, about two girls struggling to follow their talent for painting and linked by a magical astrological …

Winners of Soul Seeker's Contest

The winners of the Soul Seeker's Contest are:

Rrylee Toler


Beverly McClure

Email me with your snail addy and I'll send you a copy of one of the books by next weekend!

Congrats again!

Five Five--After Thanksgiving Edition

1. This week's been nice as I haven't had to deal with school and could concentrate on reading and writing!
Speaking of reading, I got lots of fun books this week:

This dystopia looks really good.  Love Malina Lo's writing!

Also love Jackson's writing.  This one is a retelling of a classic fairy tale!

Ooh, teens and zombies.  What's not to love?

Think THE BREAKFAST CLUB meets zombies in a dark, haunting tale.

A YA with faeries.

Werewolves abound here!  **Met the author at RWA12 Nationals.

3. Also saw last Twilight movie and had mixed feelings.  Loved the more confident Bella but hated the 'twist' in the story that made me feel manipulated.  But that's just me.

4. Want to see this:

5. And will wait another week to see this:

**Will announce winners of SOUL SEEKER contest later today!

**Guilty pleasure:

Read and read some more!

Friday Five

1. Well, got back from specialist.  Good news?  Thyroid is fine.  Nodules haven't grown.  Dr. said chances are really good that they won't be cancerous.


Not so great news: My blood count shows that I'm at a higher risk for diabetics.  My mother is diabetic.  Her great-grandmother died of complications of the disease.  I'm Latina. Even doctor told me my culture puts me at a great risk.

Then she noticed my liver count is up.  This means yet another ultrasound just to be sure it's nothing serious.

Like son told me, "Mommy, it sucks to be you this month."

Need to concentrate on the good news.

In the meantime, reading always helps me when I'm kind of down:

2. Right now reading:

Total love the voice in this paranormal series that is DEAD LIKE ME meets YA.

3. Also reading:

Another fun Cybils nominated read.  Witty banter and a setting that is Veronica Mars meets Twilight only written better.

4. Finished reading:

Intriguing dystopian tale.  I picked thi…

Book Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Alyson Noel's latest book ECHO, I'm going to be having a giveaway!  I have a copy of the first book in the series:

My YABC review:

Teaser of my review:

FATED has the surrealist feel I love in other multicultural books. Think BLESS ME, ULTIMA meets YA. The rich descriptions and premise along with a strong protagonist are sure to appeal to fans of Noel and those who love a good multicultural YA.

Her latest is ECHO:

I'm really enjoying this second book in the SOUL SEEKERS series.

My YABC review:


Mix surrealism, a prophecy, and a love that knows no bounds for one amazing read. I couldn't put this book down!

Since I have two copies of each book I thought I'd share.  I love to share books with those who love paranormals as much as I do!

I'll be doing a giveaway for a chance to win these books!  Ju…

Friday Five

1.  My mouth's been really sore after my root canal procedure.  Yes, it did hurt.  I had to have one of my bottom front teeth fixed.  Not fun.  I swear the temp cap looks like something from Nanny McPhee:

2. Sunday went to our first Lego League tournament.  It was held at the Ocean Institute at Dana Point.

Son had a lot of fun even if they did get last place.  Great learning experience which helps develop a love of math and science.

3. Some Cybil's nominated books I've been reading this week include two paranormals:

My YABC review:

A little teaser:

Right off the bat, I loved the voice of this wicked, funny paranormal. Lex is a teen Grim Reaper with mega 'tude. She's filled with anger but doesn't know why. Only one thing is certain--she doesn't tolerant anything or anybody. Not a great combination.

The author does a great job of showing us Lex's world. When she's sent to her Uncle Mort's, aft…

Dear Teen Me Blog Tour

I'm excited to be hosting DEAR TEEN ME anthology today!

This collection of essays, by YA authors to their teen selves, was edited by E. Kristin Anderson and Miranda Kenneally.

My YA Books Central review:

A teaser of my review:

Each letter is sure to resonate with readers. Some are hilarious while others make you want to give the author a hug. Each author's courage to share with readers their own teen years might make you want to write your own letters or even reach out to those that did help you on your path.

Dear Teen Me started off as a blog at

Teen me:

A couple of my own letters are on that site as well.  One letter talks about how libraries were a savior to me when I was a teen:

A teaser from that letter:

Once inside the library, you’ll feel a special warmth that will chase away any negativity from the outside world. The g…

Friday Five: Early Issue

I'm posting my Friday Five one day early as tomorrow I'll be hosting the fab YA anthology, DEAR TEEN ME.

So here's a little taste of what I've done this week!

1. Monday had an amazing Skype visit with the girls at Immaculate Middle and High School in Los Angeles, Ca

Really loved hearing questions from the girls on CROSSED OUT and their take on my book!

2. Finished reading two more Cybils nominated books:

This YA paranormal takes place after protagonist finds a coin and a message to flip it.  What happens next is a huge twist on the wishes theme only there are some serious consequences every time he makes a wish.  I love how the author shows this.  I get kind of sick of those books that don't show that there are consequences to using magic.  

3. This YA dystopia meets steampunk is a retelling of the Edgar Allan Poe tale.  It's the future and some end up partying while civilization as they know it is dying.  Those who can afford it wear masks to protect them from the…