Friday Five

1.  My mouth's been really sore after my root canal procedure.  Yes, it did hurt.  I had to have one of my bottom front teeth fixed.  Not fun.  I swear the temp cap looks like something from Nanny McPhee:

2. Sunday went to our first Lego League tournament.  It was held at the Ocean Institute at Dana Point.

Son had a lot of fun even if they did get last place.  Great learning experience which helps develop a love of math and science.

3. Some Cybil's nominated books I've been reading this week include two paranormals:

My YABC review:

A little teaser:

Right off the bat, I loved the voice of this wicked, funny paranormal. Lex is a teen Grim Reaper with mega 'tude. She's filled with anger but doesn't know why. Only one thing is certain--she doesn't tolerant anything or anybody. Not a great combination.

The author does a great job of showing us Lex's world. When she's sent to her Uncle Mort's, after yet another issue at school, that's where all the excitement begins. Seems Uncle Mort is like a mentor to Reapers. He wants to teach Lex the family business. For once, Lex is speechless.

I totally loved this world. The town of Croak is like an in between world. The other characters also add their own quirkness to this highly engaging story.

Very unique and original descriptions of what happens to a soul once it dies. We even get a glimpse of the After Life. Who knew that elixir is in the drink of choice for Reapers? 

DEVINE INTERVENTION has an intriguing premise of a wayward guardian angel that messes up with his assignment.  This book was an interesting read though I couldn't help but think I'd read this storyline before.
But that's just me.

4. Also read one amazing YA dystopia tale:

Think DOLLHOUSE meets THE UGLIES.  I really enjoyed this dystopia tale with it's fresh voice and engaging storyline.

5. And yes, another time travel tale:

So far this one is reminding me of the 80s classic SOMEWHERE IN TIME.

**Guilty pleasure:

After I get blood work done, I hope to go to local Barnes and Noble and grab the sequel to CROAK:

Totally love the voice of this series!

Plus will grab an iced tea latte from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf:


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