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Friday Five

1. Been working on the first round of edits for the sequel to CROSSED OUT.  In this book, I'll have Cura, Stephanie, Dylan, and Hillary have to work together on recent crossing while someone in their past comes back to Sacramento with deadly secrets.

Stephanie.  Let's just say readers will find out more behind Stephanie's ability!

2. Also been working on rewriting the beginning of CANDLE.  I've been attending a weekly critique group at the home of my former writing mentor.  It really helps to have another set of eyes go over your writing.

Right now have to make Jorge less of an ass and at least more likable.

3. Yes, this has been my recent office:

4. Also trying to squeeze in some reading:

Finished Cindy Pon's upcoming book:

My YABC review:

Teaser: Fast-paced, engaging, dystopia set in the futuristic world of Taipei where one survivor's strength is put to the test.

5.  Also finished this one!

YABC review: http:…

Friday Five

1. This past couple weeks I've been battling this barking cough.  It's been embarrassing at times(like when I couldn't stop coughing at yoga).  I can't sleep very well once a coughing fit goes off.

Le sigh.  Hoping I get better or I'll have to visit the doctor.

2. And seriously, omg, on that so-called Press Conference the other day.  I'm so embarrassed for our country right now.  The man in office can't articulate and loves that word, 'very'.  Plus, he's showing true signs of delusion especially when he said, “Chaos? There’s zero chaos,” Trump said. “We are running — this is a fine-tuned machine.”

That's frightening.  What's even more frightening is how he's been avoiding the whole Russia issue.

I'm continuing to stay active and vigilant even when some(like an experience I had the other day) tell me to shut up.  No, silence =condoning the very acts you abhor.

I just pray our officials come to their senses or continue to stand up…

Friday Five

1. One reason why I really need to not just stay on social media too long is the prevalence of 'fake' news and 'alternative facts'.

In my case, I read of how ICE is rounding up anyone who fits the undocumented citizen profile down here in SoCal area.  There is in fact a post from a Ca Senate member who posted his concern on the rumors:

And the ACLU posted, in both English and Spanish, what to do if ICE does knock on your door:

How sad is it though that it's come to the point that you don't know what is 'real' or 'fake news'.

2. Excited to go to tomorrow's OCCRWA meeting!  Love going to this group's meetings!  There's a Valentine theme going on and I'll be donating a $25 Amazon gift card for the raffle!

3. Decided, after DeVos's confirmation that I will be more active on PTA board. …

Friday Five

1. Busy revising the beginning of CANDLE based on feedback from Wednesday night's critique group.

And then an agent on Twitter tweeted something that omg, actually broke through this wall I've had on this story.

I admit, I've been worried that CANDLE is too much like what's going on right now after Trump becoming leader of our nation.

But omg, I now know how I can re channel what my protagonist is facing.

This might work!!!!

2. Also still working on my romance set in Italy.  Been researching a lot on the Resistance during WWII.

3. Been reading THAT BURNING SUMMER:

This one tackles one subject I haven't come across: those who deserted during the war.  The author does a fab job addressing this coming of age story.

YA Books Central review coming soon!

4. Been waiting patiently for my February YABC box of books!

5. I admit, I've been having a really hard time with this new administration which includes daily alternative facts. It has really scared me.

This has be…