Friday Five

1. This past couple weeks I've been battling this barking cough.  It's been embarrassing at times(like when I couldn't stop coughing at yoga).  I can't sleep very well once a coughing fit goes off.

Le sigh.  Hoping I get better or I'll have to visit the doctor.

2. And seriously, omg, on that so-called Press Conference the other day.  I'm so embarrassed for our country right now.  The man in office can't articulate and loves that word, 'very'.  Plus, he's showing true signs of delusion especially when he said, “Chaos? There’s zero chaos,” Trump said. “We are running — this is a fine-tuned machine.”

That's frightening.  What's even more frightening is how he's been avoiding the whole Russia issue.

I'm continuing to stay active and vigilant even when some(like an experience I had the other day) tell me to shut up.  No, silence =condoning the very acts you abhor.

I just pray our officials come to their senses or continue to stand up against wrongs that are unconstitutional and violate our rights.

3. With all the 'fake news' and conspiracy theories out there, it's hard to know which is which.  Really loved this link I found over on Twitter.  Marjon Library posted the link.

4. Had a video chat with my fab editor Joanna!  Loved being able to bounce off ideas on plot points for the sequel to CROSSED OUT.

5. Finished reading this:

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: A must have for one who loves comic books and is fascinated with Japanese culture. This is an engaging, sweet journey of a teen revisiting the land of her youth.

**Guilty Pleasure: I was lucky enough to get an advance galley of Cindy Pon's latest:

Cindy NAILS the setting and characters in this dystopian novel.  Love Jason Zhou, who infiltrates the you society(the wealthy) in order to destroy the Jin Corp that produces suits that help determine whether you live or die.  The suits are mega expensive, so only the wealthy can buy them.  He's suppose to get close to the daughter of the CEO but complications arise when he starts to fall for her.



Melodye said…
Yay, that you are remaining vigilant, and vocal, and that you've got a good support system for your writing. Have a great (read also: healthy) weekend, Kim.
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks, Melodye!

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