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Friday Five

1. Finished reading this:
Think Titanic meets Teen Wolf.  Loved this historical/paranormal YA.  YABC review coming soon!

2.  Reading this:

Been hearing tons of hype on this book and just had to read it.  So far the first chapter is pretty good. 

3. What would my week be without a comic book or two?

Picked up HOUSE OF NIGHT which is only $1 for the first issue.  Verdict?  Interesting retelling of the popular YA vampire series by the mother/daughter team of P.C. Cast.

4. Also grabbed the latest ANGEL AND BUFFY issue.  I love this series even more than, heaven forbid, BUFFY.

5. Getting ready to help out with a soon to be announced project.  Will let all know when it's announced!  Let's just say I'm excited to be helping out with this!

**Guilty pleasure:

I'm going to be needing a lot of this--especially this year with MIL living just down the street from us.  I'm loving Starbucks Mocha Peppermint soy lattes.  I don't have whip cream as I'm allergic to m…