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Friday Five

1. Not as much going on this week. Whew. Nice to finally be able to take a breath!

**Some finds this week:

2. Really loved this latest ALVIN HO book:

YA Books Central review:


The interactions he has with his fellow classmates are real and also funny too. And I love his family! The multicultural dynamics in this series is a breath of fresh air.

Some of my favorite parts include having Flea, the patched eye girl in his class, telling a news reporter that Alvin is pregnant. That's why he's so big. And the reaction of Alvin, is priceless!

So much to love in this story. His older brother Calvin and his interest in anything to do with DMV rules. **You never too young to know them! I love his engineering design to help stop a thief that has been robbing houses near them.

Laugh out loud hilarious with a character who will sure be a hit in any elementary classroo…

Friday Five

1. The beginning of this week was filled with tons of stress but thank goodness I listened to my prompting. Let's just say don't assume anything when you do your research. I learned a huge lesson. Mega huge. Later, I will post the whole scenario so others might not make the same mistake I did.

2. Still looking for fun swag to put in my giveaway coming next month!

Here's one photo:

But I just found this Audrey Hepburn bag on Amazon for under $6. What do you all think?

I'm filling it with signed copies of NO MORE GODDESSES and CROSSED OUT.

Some of my swag ideas include a gift card to In and Out Burger; $15 iTune card, $10 Claire gift card

Plus temp tats; bookmarkers; some of Selena's bubblegum/candy stash

WWAHD buttons.

And other fun stuff! Check back on August 3rd for more details!

3. Read

The first book in this series was a nominated 2012 Cybils book. I loved the voice and couldn't wait for the next book!

My YA Books Central review:http://www.yabooks…

Fun Tidbits From No More Goddesses-Jordan Lake

Mandy at YA Books Central got me thinking this morning about blogging some fun tidbits from my new YA fantasy:

Today I thought I'd introduce you all to Jordan, the protagonist of my story!

Jordan Lake is a typical fifteen-year-old teen who just happens to love vintage clothing, romance, and Audrey Hepburn:

Jordan's motto, whenever she's in a bind or doesn't know what to do is, "What Would AH Do?"

She attends McKnight High school:

**Fun tidbit: I based Jordan's HS on a school close to us in Mission Viejo, California(around the area where the setting of this book). Loved the huge pepper/eucalyptus trees that are native to this area. I've even been known to go up and rub the bark which has a slightly menthol smell.

Other loves include writing her own lists. **She got this idea from Audrey Hepburn's movie WAR AND PEACE.

A couple things in that list are Paris:

She fantasizes of reinacting a scene from Audrey Hepburn's movie TESSA'S TREASURE…

Friday Five

1. Today's my mother's birthday! Need to call her and wish her a happy one! Funny how you never really realize how much you love and appreciate them until you have kiddos of your own!

She's the one on the far left hand side. We have similar smiles, don't you think?

2. The fab Mandy at YABC send me some goodies:


It's set in Victorian Paris with zombies. Got to love that!

3. Finished reading the last book in the ABANDON series by Meg Cabot

Totally love the humor mixed with a retelling of a Greek mythology tale.

4. Decided to go back to my revision, since I've had others asking me about it. Here's a teaser I posted on GRAPEMO:

Espie's first encounter with those from outside her community:

A sick sensation of a bazillion insect legs scampered up my body. A strong prompting to run as fast away from them hit me. But my legs were frozen in place.

Weasel face smirked and punched the shoulder of his overwei…

Friday Five

**Totally forgot to put this together yesterday!

1. Costco. Yep. Costco. Had to make a Costco run early this morning. I found it's better to get there around 10ish before everyone else shows up. Why? Less crowds which means no panic attacks and also I don't feel so rushed to get in and out. Another plus today had to be the MG dummy stand filled with some award winning books. Kudos Costco. Now you only need to do that with YA. **Hate to say this but not all YA is Twilight and/or Hunger Games.

2.Yoga mediation.

I've been trying to go to Savita's mediation class at least once a week. It's tougher than I thought! But trying to calm self down and think positive thoughts.

3. On FB there's been a post about whether or not some with ADHD kiddos give them meds or not. After son came back from his week long scout camp, he was proud to announce he didn't take his. Now he told me he can go all summer without them. So far so good. This is such a hard th…