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Friday Five

1. Well, this week started off with son texting me that he was, 'freakin' sick' while at youth conference. He's been sick on and off again all this week. Took him to the doctor and was told it's a bad viral infection.


**Crossing fingers I don't get it!

2. My educational project I've been working on was put on hold until Saturday. This means I've been able to hit my revisions again! Yay!

3. Also catching up with my reading.

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Intriguing look into a futuristic world where anyone's privacy can be comprised with one click. Fans of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS are sure to enjoy this not too futuristic tale that shows the consequences of wanting to have everything out there on social media.

4. Not sure to think of this one:

Pluses: I love the glimpses readers get to read both sides of the story. In this case, the girl writes letters describing their relationship at the …

Friday Five

1. This week's been crazy as son's high school had standardized testing, which means he didn't have to go to classes until almost 11am!

2. Oh, I had to add the above gif because SON IS NOW DRIVING. So far, it's been okay but a few times, I was like Ross in that gif!

3. Been scoring away for this educational firm.  This is me by the end of Friday:

4. And big news is that I'm having another giveaway of GODDESSES CAN WAIT this Saturday! I will post the link when it pops up. For this giveaway I'll be adding some swag!

**Check on Saturday!  Here's the link:

Stay tuned!

5. I was able to read one book this week.

My YABC review:

Teaser: Mystical, enchanting tale with a sharp bite, this story will enthrall readers on the mystery behind the sudden reappearance of a spell book one stormy Irish night.

**Guilty pleasure:

Well, s…

Friday Five

1. I have BIG NEWS!





Here it is!!!! **Isn't the cover pretty?

Here's the blurb:

Jordan Lake, a fifteen-year-old Audrey Hepburn-olic who’s a magnet for goddesses, has a chance to go to Paris with her grandmother and BFF Selena Garza. Even though she senses something is off, she decides to make the trip. But when she kisses a cute Parisian boy a la Roman Holiday, she switches bodies with Aphrodite and is sent to the Greek netherworld.…
It's available on Amazon:

Barnes and Noble:

2. And check out the new cover to NO MORE GODDESSES:

I'm so happy with both covers! I think this deserves an Audrey dance of approval, don't you?

**Check back as ther…

Friday Five-Or Thursday version!

1. Today I'm posting my usual Friday Five post as I'm leaving to visit my mother and family in Sacramento tomorrow.  It's my stepdad Elwood's birthday and there will be a big crowd. I haven't seen my mother for a little over 2 years. No excuse.

This was at my last visit. L to r: Elwood; Mom, sis Kathleen; Me; nephews Bassam and Khalid.

I think she'll be happy though as I have a copy of my new book to give her!

**Aren't they pretty?

2. When I get back, I plan on getting some treats for my Wednesday critique group to celebrate it's release!

Starting to put together some giveaways! Check back to find out which sites will be hosting me!

3. Finally finishing THE PASSION OF DOLSSA. **YA author Julie Berry has to be one of my newest favorite authors.

This is about a girl who has visions and hears voices from her 'beloved'. The church is threatened by her and tries to silence her. Love the gorgeous writing. A must read for any historical fiction fan!


Friday Five

1. First, check out my guest blog post on SJYALit:

I share how as young women we're conditioned to think that the way we dress excuses the bad behavior of males who sexually harass or rape women.


This topic has been on my mind for a while, especially with the O'Reilly news.

I think it's important women speak out. But for the longest time intimidation has silenced us. I'm proud of those women who do speak out.

2. Still working on this endless revision. I did get an email from an agent telling me that even though this project wasn't for her, if I'm still not repped, she'd be interested in other projects of mine.

3. Just finished reading the latest from YA author Marlene Perez:

I'm a huge fan of Perez's writing and this one doesn't disappoint! Check April 25th on YABC site for an interview and giveaway!

My YABC review: http://ww…

Friday Five

1. It's Easter break!

I've been beyond burned out this year. So having a week off is nice!


I'm totally addicted!

2. Been reading FLAWED by Cecila Ahern:

This is a case of never say never. I thought I was over dystopian novels but this one is unique enough to keep my interest!

Here's the sequel:

3. Continuing to dig deeper in CANDLE. My writing mentor said that this week's scene was one of the strongest I've written so far!

4. And omg on teen drivers!  Just spoke to our auto insurance company on adding teen to our policy.

My reaction on the cost:

5. Working on a piece for SLJ. I'm going to share my own sexual harassment experiences.

**Guilty Pleasure:


Also grabbing a drink. I try not to have soda a day or two before I weigh in. It's good to take a break but man, I totally love my sodas.  My favorite Sonic combo-Diet Dr. Pepper with a couple shots of cherry and vanil…

Friday Five

1. Did I mention how much I loved attending Debra Dixon's GMC workshop?

Here's a little glimpse on what she went over:

To sum up what GMC is, use this to describe a character in your novel:

My character wants(goal) because(motivation) but wants____ because__________(conflict).

Also she went over dominant impression. Can you describe your character with 1) adjectives 2) descriptive noun.

Example from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Giles is a be leagued intellectual when he first meets Buffy. Then after he works with her, he becomes a intellectual warrior.

2. Tomorrow I plan on going to the monthly OCCRWA meeting. Love these meetings. For this year we're working on Smart Goals.

This is a description of Smart Goals:

Specific: Specific: Define your goals in writing and spell them out as clearly as possible. What is it that you specifically want to achieve?

Measurable: Measurable: Give yourself a step-by-step plan so you can break up the goals and be able to measure your progress as…

Friday Five

1. Last Friday I attended a Debra Dixon book camp. A number of editors have highly recommended her book. I couldn't wait to attend!

I took TONS of notes and couldn't wait to get back to my story so I could use what I learned.

Here's the book:

2. I'm also now an ACLU card carrying member. They sent me this sticker:

With this current administration, I've found it's very important to speak out.

3. Books for this week include:

My YABC review link:

Teaser:  Gripping tale of a teen who struggles to find her lost year while coming face to face with a horrific price of being popular. The twist on those who manipulate victims with their own agendas is shown in such a way that isn't preachy but rather more a cautionary tale.


My YABC review:
Teaser: Beautifully woven tale of a teen who searches for his own love story and finds that there is p…

Friday Five

1. Yay, finished the first round of edits on CROSS FIRE-sequel to CROSSED OUT!

I'm lucky to have a fab editor. Joanna D'angelo been helping me make this book the best ever!!!!

2. Now back to CANDLE. Redoing the beginning, based on feedback from editors out there. Also plan to enter the YARWA Rosemary Awards.

3. Been going to Lou Nelson's fab critique group. It really helps to have others look at your work before you submit. I've been seriously in this writing biz for over 10 years now. It's been a learning experience.

*Books I've read this week:

Disclaimer: I received an email from GoodReads informing me that my review links on their site were breaking one of their rules. You can't post links but only reviews. So from now on I will post links here on my blog site.  Otherwise, for now, I'll just post the star reviews over on GR.


 My YA Books Central review link:…