Cybils' Five 12-15-17

This week's picks include a girl who accidentally gets locked in a library during a holiday weekend with a 'bad' boy;  a modern-day twist on The Canterbury Tales;  a teen's journey during the aftermath of Hurricane Karina; and a tale exposing injustices in a small Canadian town.

1.  BY YOUR SIDE by Kasie West

Sweet tale of what happens after a girl finds out a so-called bad boy isn't all that during their time locked together in a library. Also does a great job portraying a teen dealing with anxiety.


This novel has ten different POVs written by different YA authors. Think YA meets a modern day Canterbury Tales only send in a youth correction camp. **One of my favorite's has to be YA author Suzanne Young's take of a teen who is sent on this wilderness retreat after she refuses to bow down to the school dress code that only seems to penalize girls and not boys.

3.  BETWEEN TWO SKIES by Joanne O'Sullivan

This is a coming of age tale of a teen dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Karina after her small Louisiana town is devastated. I really liked how the author showed how the hurricane not only destroyed people's homes and livelihoods, but their families as well. This one also shows how hope can still be there after a tragedy.


This is an edgy at times tale of a girl who's best friend goes missing in a small Canadian town. Though police and the town are doing everything to find her,  they do find a dead body that isn't hers. It's a Native girl who was brutally murdered. The teen starts to ask questions on who this murdered girl was as it seems no one in the town cares. The story explores the injustice of a criminal system that seems to put more emphasis on finding victims who are white and blonde rather then those of color.

5.  NEIGHBORHOOD GIRLS by Jessie Ann Foley

This book is unique in that it shows us a protagonist who is the daughter of a police officer who is in prison for brutality.  It's set at a Catholic all girl school that is closing. Mostly this is about a girl who decides to break away from her father's bad name and hangs with the local Mean Girls. Her struggles and also discovery has her arc at the 
end of the novel. 


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