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Friday Five

1. So here it is the second week of summer vacation.

Been writing almost every day!


2. Been reading too!


My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Addictive criminal murder mystery that is loaded with secrets that will have readers guessing right to the last page. Well-written with a powerful insight into the lives of two friends that takes a tragic twist.

3.  Non-fiction must read:

Really loving this insight into a transgender teen.

YA Books Central review coming soon!


I really wanted to love this book.  Some pluses are the Parisian backdrop which the author does a great job in showing the readers.  I felt as if I was there.  What I was really disappointed in had to be how rushed the romance was to the very anticlimactic ending that I didn't buy at all.  
Le sigh.  But that's just my opinion.  If looking for a book that does a better job showing a teen in Paris?  I highly recommend Stephanie Perkins ANNA AN…

Friday Five

1. So this is the first week off from school but it's been crazy busy!

Monday signed son up for 10th grade.  Met his guidance tech and she went over what he needs to graduate.

Integrated science( come to find out biology is taken not in ninth grade but rather 10th)
World History

No AP classes...yet.

2. Then finally went and saw a dermatologist on a skin lesion that looked too much like one featured in the May 2016 issue of Glamour magazine.  The article is called,Your 2016 Sun & Skin Survival Guide.  There is some photos of precancerous and cancerous lesions.  Come to find out that yes, it's precancerous.  Doctor froze it off my nose(yes, it hurt but not as bad as I thought it would).

So thank you Glamour magazine for posting informative articles that could save your life!

3. Beyond horrific what happened on Sunday morning in Orlando.  My heart still feels heavy with sadness but now I'm also angry that guns are still so easy to get a hold of…

Friday Five

1. First off:


No, maybe more of this:

2. Now I can focus more on my writing which kind of took a back seat with homeschooling this year.

One thing I have to say to those who homeschool teens?

You rock big time!

Homeschooling is hard and often times unappreciated.  It'll be nice for son to move on and experience public high school.  Fingers cross that he'll succeed!

3. Been catching up on SCREAM the TV series:

Yeah, it's kind of funny in a dark way and loaded with lots of sometimes graphic violence.  Still, not what I expected.

4.  Also my guilty summer watch has to be Unreal:

5. Books I've read:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Disturbing glimpse into a small town where a horrific transphobic murder shakes not only the residences but a teen to the core. Readers will see the darkness that shadows hatred against others.

Currently reading: 
Really loving!  Think 1960s espionage with a Marily…

Friday Five

1. This week has been hard as I've been battling depression.  I think it was brought on by not placing in one contest, scoring for a national educational firm, and culminating with the end of the school year.  I'm really hard on myself and sometimes feel as if I'm not 'good' enough.

Le sigh.

Need to slam that negativity to the ground:

Plus, will be around one person who isn't too nice to me.  This always gets to me but since she's an in-law?  I have to be nice.  That doesn't mean though that I have to just sit there and take the subtle and not too subtle nasty comments flung my way.

Double le sigh.

2. I did get a couple pieces of good news:

Publisher is working on a new cover to NO MORE GODDESSES.


I asked some teen girls what they thought of the current cover:

Most told me that they didn't like bugs and wouldn't read it.  But when they read the blurb?  They were interested.  Covers do make a difference in sales.  What I've seen so far …