Friday Five

1. This week has been hard as I've been battling depression.  I think it was brought on by not placing in one contest, scoring for a national educational firm, and culminating with the end of the school year.  I'm really hard on myself and sometimes feel as if I'm not 'good' enough.

Le sigh.

Need to slam that negativity to the ground:

Plus, will be around one person who isn't too nice to me.  This always gets to me but since she's an in-law?  I have to be nice.  That doesn't mean though that I have to just sit there and take the subtle and not too subtle nasty comments flung my way.

Double le sigh.

2. I did get a couple pieces of good news:

Publisher is working on a new cover to NO MORE GODDESSES.


I asked some teen girls what they thought of the current cover:

Most told me that they didn't like bugs and wouldn't read it.  But when they read the blurb?  They were interested.  Covers do make a difference in sales.  What I've seen so far of the tentative new cover?  It rocks!  Can't wait to share!

3. Also got feedback from my entry to the YARWA Rosemary Awards.  I didn't make the finalist list.  I won't lie.  That did bug me.  But the feedback I received was really good.  There was some very positive comments plus it got high scores from not one but two judges.


4. Finished reading THE ALMOST GIRL:
My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: YA Terminator meets Sliders with a kick ass heroine who finds out not all is what it seems to be. Futuristic adventure with hints of romance. A must read for fans of futuristic stories set on parallel worlds.

5.  Right now reading this contemporary murder mystery/thriller:

Lots of emotions going on. Av is a transgender teen in a small town. He runs up against his small town prejudice and bullying. Then when Mary, one of the few people that loved him, is found dead? He wants to know who would kill her. What he finds is chilling.

**Guilty pleasure:

Today is son's fifteenth birthday!  Omg, I remember when he was a baby!

He wants to go to Denny's and get his favorite breakfast.  Plus, go to the mall and get some new clothes.  Time goes by so fast!


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