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Friday Five

1. First off:

My holiday traditions post:

Me and Mom at Christmas during the 1960s:

What Mom used to made each Christmas growing up:

**Miss so much!!!!

2. Love this from my writing friend Shirin.  Her daughter Elena put together a video of her favorite things of Paris.

3. Been reading more of the Cybil's nominated books!

I really enjoyed this ghost tale that goes back and forth between a teen in juv and two ballerinas, one that ends up being accused of murdering two other girls.  Loved how it all came together at the end.


Think Robocop meets YA.  This intriguing Sci-Fi story has six teens with terminal illnesses choose to have their brains transplanted into robots after an AI takes over and threatens to destroy humanity.
I'm a huge fan of YA author Gwenda Bond and this take on Lois Lane(yes, the one from Superman) is really good with readers getting a glimpse into her while in high school.  Yes, the cute guy from Smallville plays a …

Friday Five

1. I admit it.  My brain has frozen into mush.  Been trying--okay, maybe not much--to get some inspiration to work on this one story.  I really think there's a good reason why after NaNoWrimo, you should shelf that project and move on!

If you ask how my writing's been going?  This is me:

Plus, it's the last week of school before holiday break.  Fourteen-year-old isn't 'feeling' it and I sure as heck don't either.

Teachers right before break:

2. This article is so true on some of the annoying things about this season.

I admit, I've been in kind of funk this whole season(that includes Thanksgiving)  as we will have an elderly guest who has no filter on what she says and isn't that nice.  It's really hard to stay up beat when you're around a family member that isn't positive and goes off on a whole crying session.

Le sigh.

3. One thing t…

Friday Five

The Cybils are winding down and now the fun part starts: whittling down the nominated list to the  top finalists picks.

There's some AWESOME books this year so this has been hard!

One thing I LOVE about being a Cybils judge is I get to talk and discuss one of my all time favorite things:

1. So here's some of the Cybil's books I've been reading this week!

Intriguing tale where a search for birthparents leads to a startling truth.


A modern day twist on the fairy tale PRINCESS AND THE PEA.


Intriguing story of a girl who finds out her so-called disability is in fact a strength in another world.
Totally loving this tale of a society of silver bloods who rule those under them-red bloods.  Engaging storyline that has hints of MY FAIR LADY only in this case, a so-called red that isn't all she thought.
Here's the trailer:


I'm a huge fan of Black's fantasies and this one has more of a ONCE UPON A TIME feel going for it where modern world collides with…

Friday Five

Sorry, I didn't post last week but it was so crazy busy trying to get in those last words in my NaNoWrimo project.

And I did it!

Now need to return to my other diverse YA thriller. Going over feedback from awesome critique buddy which includes doing a round of line edits.  
I can do this!  Hoping this baby is ready to query next month!
1. Been doing TONS of Cybils reading.  There's a lot of great nominated books from this year!

Chilling, fast-paced ride where The Matrix meets Tron and where hackers end up in a computer generated prison with duplicates taking over their real lives.

Beautifully written tale of Death & Love & their 'game' between 2 possible lovers set in 1937. Totally devoured this book!


Chilling and fascinating tale where teens are given an underground gene therapy drug where the promises of being popular are foreshadowed by the deadly consequences.

Haunting dystopian tale where Twisted Creatures inhabit what's left of Earth.  This stor…

Latest Gun Violence

After I got home yesterday from taking son to his art class, I heard the news.

Husband waited at the door and said, "There's been another shooting.  This time here in San Bernandino area."

I was numb.

Then angry.

I hated that I felt numb.  Shootings have now become almost a daily occurrence in our society.

I don't want to let numbness overcome me.

My younger sister Colette was murdered by gun violence back in 1993.  Her ex-boyfriend, David, waited and then ambushed her when she went to her car to smoke.  She didn't see it coming as he pointed his .22 special point blank at the back of her head and shot her numerous times.

David led police on a high speed chase through Sacramento until he stopped at his grandmother's house and pointed the gun in his mouth and shot.

Here's my sister as I feel that there needs to be a photo that goes with each death.  Otherwise?  It's just another senseless death.  That's what not only frightens but infuriates me.


Friday Five

1. This is the last week before Thanksgiving break.  Been attacking my NaNowrimo project which as of today has over 34K!

2. Finished reading BONE GAP

This is a very unique tale that is beautifully written and set in a small town where nothing is as it seems.  There's a huge twist toward the end which does make this a fantasy.

3.  Also finished reading BEHOLD THE BONES

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Fast-paced Gothic paranormal tale that mesmerizes readers with its atmospheric spooky charm complete with swamp ghosts and a magical tree. A must read for fans of BEAUTIFUL CREATURES.

4. Now that son has finished MICE AND MEN--a tragedy and so sad--his next novel to read is ROMEO AND JULIET.

A high school teacher recommended this graphic novel adaptation.  The author gave it a diverse twist.  I love how graphic novels can make an otherwise dry classic novel more appealing to teens.

5. Currently reading  RAZOR HURST


Friday Five

1. Been deep in NaNoWrimo trenches.  So far I've written 18K on this new project.  It really helps to work on something new to get those creative juices flowing again.

 Checking out Sylvia Plath and wondering why I never read her works.

Some quotes:

2. Been reading too.  **Of course, right?

Finished this one:

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Haunting retelling of Frankenstein with a dark, addictive twist.

3.  Just started reading this one:

This takes place in a small Louisianan town that's filled with Southern charm and hauntings.  Loving!

4. Can't wait to read:

I'm a huge fan of Hopkins.  I love the grittiness and raw emotion of her novels.

5. Ooh, got a first draft of the cover of my upcoming novel GODDESSES CAN WAIT and I'm really excited!  It blends the paranormal elements with a Parisian flare.  Can't wait to share!

**Guilty pleasure:

Well, doctor requested I do one of those sleep studies to rul…

Friday Five

1.  Been busy writing my contemp YA for NaNowrimo this week.  So far it's at a little over 8K.

Love this gif that was in my NaNo thread.  Need to remember it whenever doubt whispers in my ear that I'm only a fantasy writer or worse, that I can't write anything dark as 'Good' Christian girls don't do that.

Yeah, right.

I'm ixtumea over at NaNowrimo.  So if any of you are doing NaNo this year?  Feel free to friend me!

2. I also went to the public library and checked out a lot of books by and on the American poet Sylvia Plath.

My protagonist finds that a 'forced' 12th grade English assignment on this book opens her up to someone who 'gets' the pain she feels after the shooting death of her brother.

3. Finished reading Heidi Kling's PAINT MY BODY RED:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser:PAINT MY BODY RED has gut-wrenching tragedy shown with unflinching honesty and where salvation…