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Friday Five

1. Last Friday I attended a Debra Dixon book camp. A number of editors have highly recommended her book. I couldn't wait to attend!

I took TONS of notes and couldn't wait to get back to my story so I could use what I learned.

Here's the book:

2. I'm also now an ACLU card carrying member. They sent me this sticker:

With this current administration, I've found it's very important to speak out.

3. Books for this week include:

My YABC review link:

Teaser:  Gripping tale of a teen who struggles to find her lost year while coming face to face with a horrific price of being popular. The twist on those who manipulate victims with their own agendas is shown in such a way that isn't preachy but rather more a cautionary tale.


My YABC review:
Teaser: Beautifully woven tale of a teen who searches for his own love story and finds that there is p…

Friday Five

1. Yay, finished the first round of edits on CROSS FIRE-sequel to CROSSED OUT!

I'm lucky to have a fab editor. Joanna D'angelo been helping me make this book the best ever!!!!

2. Now back to CANDLE. Redoing the beginning, based on feedback from editors out there. Also plan to enter the YARWA Rosemary Awards.

3. Been going to Lou Nelson's fab critique group. It really helps to have others look at your work before you submit. I've been seriously in this writing biz for over 10 years now. It's been a learning experience.

*Books I've read this week:

Disclaimer: I received an email from GoodReads informing me that my review links on their site were breaking one of their rules. You can't post links but only reviews. So from now on I will post links here on my blog site.  Otherwise, for now, I'll just post the star reviews over on GR.


 My YA Books Central review link:…

Friday Five

1. For the last two days I've been helping with son's high school Challenge Day.  Here's a little about this program:

2. Been hitting the first round of edits for the sequel to CROSSED OUT.  My deadline is March 17th-NEXT FRIDAY!

I can do this!

3. Also tightening up the beginning of CANDLE.  Hope to be able to do another read through by next month, so I can start querying again.

4. Haven't read that much due to concentrating on edits.  Here's what I did read:

My YABC review link:

**Teaser: There's betrayals, secrets, and twists in this story. Told though the point of view of Lily and Amber, the story comes together to reveal a secret that is totally surprising. I love when this happens!

Fast-paced paranormal tale where family secrets and betrayals are reopened.
My YABC review:
Teaser: Perfect travel guide with a comic book flair that …