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Friday Three

1. Been reading THE DIVINERS by Libba Bray

I was so excited to finally meet Libba at ALA last month!  Let me tell you this YA historical set in the Roaring 20s is amazing.  Plus, add a paranormal element with a killer.  Total must read!

2. THE DIVINERS book trailer link:

3.  Ok, and the big thing for this week is:

It's close to where I live so I figured I may as well go!

My schedule for today is something like this:

Sign in and probably stand around in amazement and awe at all the romance writers mingling around in the Marriott.

Avon book signing
11:00 am Beyond the Hero's Journey--**Robin LaFever, author of  GRAVE MERCY, my all time favorite YA book this year, is one of the presenters.
Then I'm open for a couple hours.
2-3 From Homeroom to Last Bell
3-4 Good Things Come in Threes: Writing the YA trilogy

I'm only staying till then.  I basically want to check out everything because tomorrow I&#…

RWA 12 excitement!

Yes, I'm excited about this week!  Can't you tell?

And yes, those are my birds getting mad at the neighbor's gardeners or the wild bunnies.  Here's one of my birds:

Guest YA Author Tiffany Truitt

Today I'm excited to host YA author Tiffany Truitt. 

CHOSEN ONES is a compelling story of survival & forbidden love set in a dark future where genetically engineered beings are the salvation or fall of society.

YA Books Central review:

First, I’d like to start off by saying how thrilled I am to be here at YA Central. This is such a rad site!

Today, I want to get real serious with all of my writers out there about a problem that will plague you at some point in the process. You can’t escape it. You can’t run. It will hunt you down. And when it finds you, it will leave you crying for someone, anyone to make it go away. Yes, I am talking about WRITER’S BLOCK Last week, I turned in the first draft of the sequel to Chosen Ones entitled The Naturals. Much to my dismay, I turned in the draft a bit behind schedule. Now, I could waste your time telling you a story about a vindictive spider, infection, and a crazy aller…

Today's Tragedy

Early this morning I woke up to the terrible news about a 24 year old gunman going inside a movie theater during the midnight showing of BATMAN and firing on those who were inside.  At this time, 13 are confirmed dead.  One of the victims was a 3 month old baby.

I was shocked and saddened.  Memories flash back to the day I received a phone call from one of my sisters telling me that our younger sister Colette had been murdered.  I went into shock then too.

Later, I've heard some reactions to the tragedy in Colorado.  One that really hit me hard was how the producers and writers of Batman should be ashamed of themselves as the gunman reenacted the first 6 minutes of the movie.

I told this person that we can't blame them.  They didn't put the gun in the gunman's hands or chose to do this horrific act.  I know that people want answers to what happened which also include saying the gunman was crazy or mentally ill.  I have to cringe with those statements too as I can'…

Friday Five

1. Finished reading: 

This is a novel based on the MTV summer series TEEN WOLF.
What I really love about this novel has to be Scott's best friend Stiles.  Unlike some of the ADHD stereotypes and 'labels' out there, Stiles is smart, loyal, and helps Scott in all the problems that comes from being a werewolf.  

Kuddo to Nancy Holder!

My YA Books Central review:

2. Right now reading this:

First off, love the voice.  Garsee gives a very real portrayal of a bipolar teen.  I know as I grew up with a bipolar father.  Add an urban legend and a ghost.  You know I'm hooked.

YA Books Central Review coming soon!

3. Also reading this:

I picked up this galley  at ALA from Lee and Low.  Let's just say I'm really enjoying these multicultural short stories.  It's so nice to read tales based in worlds with different cultures.  So far one of my favorite ones is THE LAST DAY by Ellen Oh.  The story reminded me so much of the storie…

Friday Five

1. Well this has been a $$$ week.  Our water heater died.  You'd think, no problem.  Just go to Home Depot and buy another one, right?

Wrong.  We found out our city requires a permit for any home improvement like water heaters.  We have to file a permit and have a safety inspector come out and make sure our water heater meets the safety code.

Yes, seriously.  And yes, our $500 heater ended up costing over double that as the safety code is changed every 3 years and our heater lasted 14 years.  On the upside?  I now can have a warm shower.

2. I did read this:

What can I say?  Denise nails down the conflict/struggles sisters have. Only in this one the so-called 'perfect' sister has a deadly secret.  What I love about this book is that secret is woven in at the beginning and also the emotions are right on the mark!

YA Books Central review:

3. Starting the latest Heather Wells story by Meg Cabot

4. Loving these Starbucks…


Today is the book birthday of Denise Jaden's book NEVER ENOUGH.

Here's the blurb:

From the author of Losing Faith, a novel about two sisters and the eating disorder that threatens to destroy their family. Loann’s always wanted to be popular and pretty like her sister, Claire. So when Claire’s ex-boyfriend starts flirting with her, Loann is willing to do whatever it takes to feel special…even if that means betraying her sister. But as Loann slips inside Claire’s world, she discovers that everything is not as it seems. Claire’s quest for perfection is all-consuming, and comes at a dangerous price. And Loann is frightened she could lose the sister she’s always idolized. As Claire increasingly withdraws from friends and family, Loann struggles to understand her and make amends. Can she heal their relationship—and her sister—before it’s too late?
And as an added treat Denise put together this video with YA authors, including me, on how as teens we struggled with things that made u…

You Can Do It

Love this trailer that Myra McEntire of the HOURGLASS series put together for her talk at UtopYA Conference this last weekend.  Yes, I'm one of the authors in it!  That's so cool to be included with these talented YA authors.

So yes, YOU CAN DO IT!

Obsidian trailer

I totally loved this book and can't wait for the second book in the Lux series which comes out next month!  Here's the trailer of the first book.  

Vania produced this, she's the same one who put together the bookmarkers of CROSSED OUT.  She does an amazing job, don't you think?

Here's the link to book two in this amazing series:

Friday Five

1. For the Fourth of July I decided to go to a movie and so I watched this:

Really enjoyed this dark retelling of a classic storytale.  And the Huntsman wasn't hard on the eyes either!

2. Finished reading this:

One word: LOVED.  I'm a huge fan of this series.  I love it so much that I went back to ALA on Sunday just so I could get a galley during Sourcebook's giveaway.

So worth it

YA Books Central review coming soon!

3. Finished reading this:

Omg, this book is creepy, good!  Think YA meets SUPERNATURAL.  Only in this case the protagonist, Cas, kills the dead.

Loved it!

This was one of those books where I had to stand in a line to get the signed author galley during ALA.  So worth it!

YA Books Central review:

4. Very happy that I got this galley:

5. And over halfway through with this non-fiction book:

I can relate with so much of this memoir.  I grew up with my mother wanting us to be raised in the Mormon fai…

Winner of last week's #Wipmadness

This has been fun!  I loved being in charge of this month's #wipmadness.  Now I'm passing my cheerleading pompoms to Carol Garvin:

Here's the link to check in:

And just like I promised, here is the winner of last week's #wipmadness:

Ghost Girl Mary Ann

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And finally: