Friday Five

1. Well this has been a $$$ week.  Our water heater died.  You'd think, no problem.  Just go to Home Depot and buy another one, right?

Wrong.  We found out our city requires a permit for any home improvement like water heaters.  We have to file a permit and have a safety inspector come out and make sure our water heater meets the safety code.

Yes, seriously.  And yes, our $500 heater ended up costing over double that as the safety code is changed every 3 years and our heater lasted 14 years.  On the upside?  I now can have a warm shower.

2. I did read this:

What can I say?  Denise nails down the conflict/struggles sisters have. Only in this one the so-called 'perfect' sister has a deadly secret.  What I love about this book is that secret is woven in at the beginning and also the emotions are right on the mark!

YA Books Central review: 

3. Starting the latest Heather Wells story by Meg Cabot

4. Loving these Starbucks Refresher drinks that now are in individual packages.

 I add fresh boysenberries and diet Sprite to my drinks.  Nommy!

Starbucks is giving away free 12oz samples today!

5. Want to start reading some of these short stories in the DIVERSE ENERGIES anthology by Tu Books

Love this publisher because it recognizes the need for more multicultural YAs.  I'm a huge supporter of publishers that publish books that reflect not only my own multiracial background but others as well.

**Guilty pleasure:

My city is going to have it's first Farmer's Market:

Can't wait to see what nommy fruits/veggies are available.


Cecilia M. said…
wow, that's quite alot of money, and necessary. The upside, warm showers anytime, *dreamy sigh* :)
Diverse Energies sounds like something I'd like to read.
Have fun at the market!
Ednah Walters said…
Wow, when it rains it pours, doesn't. It's never just one problem. We went through that with my car's ignition malfunctioning. We barely fixed it then the AC of my DH's car had to be fixed and we, like, WTF... The books sounds amazing. Wish I had time to read.
Lexa Cain said…
What an awful water-heater problem. Dumb safety rules...
Oh! I see artichokes in your last picture. I love those. As opposed to the US having all things all-the-time, Egypt only has seasonal produce and the artichoke season is always so short. :(

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