Winner of last week's #Wipmadness

This has been fun!  I loved being in charge of this month's #wipmadness.  Now I'm passing my cheerleading pompoms to Carol Garvin:

Here's the link to check in:

And just like I promised, here is the winner of last week's #wipmadness:

Ghost Girl
Mary Ann

Email me at

And finally:


Carol Garvin said…
Thanks for hosting us in June, Kim... and for all the great prizes. I don't think what I have planned for July will come close, but I'll shake those pom-poms around a lot to distract people, and maybe they won't notice. ;)
You did a fabulous job hosting, Kim! Thanks for keeping it fun!
Shari Green said…
Congrats, Mary Ann! (Some great galleys left to choose from, I see--yay Kim!) :)
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks everyone! This was fun!
SQUEEEE! Thanks for hosting, Kim! I have been so out of this week, but thanks to a little birdie I finally made it back here!

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