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Friday Five

This week started off very stressful with Jenny, our cockatiel, having more mini seizures.  Took her to vet for another examination.  After getting a $146 x-ray, vet found an enlarged liver and what looks like some toxicity in her system.  It's not in her intestines, but still...

Jenny not happy with the situation.  In vet's office waiting.  Dr. Coward is an avian specialist, meaning his specialty is exotic birds.

So it's a round of liver supplements and immunity boosters for a while.  If that doesn't work, then we need to do another round to see what exactly the toxicity might be.  Send positive thoughts and prayers our way please!

2. Getting to the end of the first round of Cybils.  I'm on the first panel that needs to whittle down a list of 205 nominated books to the top 5-7 finalists.  Yes, this is challenging but the reason why I love doing this has to be working with other bloggers, librarians, and authors going over our shared love of books.

Here's some …

Friday Five

1. This week has been busy with reading Cybils books.  I thought I'd share some of my reads!

**Can you see a trend here?

THE HIT by Melvin Burgess

This futurist world is set in a very depressing UK where only a select few make it while the rest are struggling.  Add to the mix a drug that gives you a surge of emotion/energy/life.  Wouldn't you want to at least try that?  But there is a condition.  The 'Death' drug lasts only for a week, then you're dead.

This unique take on the very satiated dystopia market kept my attention with all the twists and turns.

2.  THE BODIES WE WEAR by Jeyn Roberts

Another dystopia novel, with another type of drug, but this one 'promises a glimpse into heaven.

3. WINTERKILL by Kate Boorman

A futurist world in a commune like society.  Emm resists the urge to go into the forbidden forest.  The same forest that was her grandmother's downfall.  When the leader of the commune offers his hand in marriage, Emm knows this will wipe the …

Friday Five

1.  Hard to get back into the swing of things after last week's break but in order to finish a book, I got to actually write!

Please, so nice to be DONE with family drama for a little while.

2. Cybil's books this week:

This one was just nominated as a Morris Finalist and I can see why.

Love the surreal feel to this story of a teen born with wings.  The writing is magical and I'm totally falling under it's spell.

3. Another Morris Finalist:

I met the publicist of this publisher at Kidlitcon and told her I'd love to read/review this book.

Love the voice of Gabi and totally can relate with her challenges including the whole 'not Latina' enough based on the stereotypical view the world has of us.

Must reads!

4.  Am I the only one disappointed with the midseason finale of SLEEPY HOLLOW?

Photo courtesy of

I'm a huge fan of this alternative history show.  Plus, I love the diversity.

What I didn't buy was how it ended.  I didn't buy it and f…