Friday Five

This week started off very stressful with Jenny, our cockatiel, having more mini seizures.  Took her to vet for another examination.  After getting a $146 x-ray, vet found an enlarged liver and what looks like some toxicity in her system.  It's not in her intestines, but still...

Jenny not happy with the situation.  In vet's office waiting.  Dr. Coward is an avian specialist, meaning his specialty is exotic birds.

So it's a round of liver supplements and immunity boosters for a while.  If that doesn't work, then we need to do another round to see what exactly the toxicity might be.  Send positive thoughts and prayers our way please!

2. Getting to the end of the first round of Cybils.  I'm on the first panel that needs to whittle down a list of 205 nominated books to the top 5-7 finalists.  Yes, this is challenging but the reason why I love doing this has to be working with other bloggers, librarians, and authors going over our shared love of books.

Here's some more teasers on what has been nominated for 2014:

3. This one really had my attention.  Imagine a world where a drug can give you a glimpse into heaven.  What would you do to have a taste of that?  But this story is much more than that.  It shows a very determined teen, who trains to get revenge against those who killed her best friend and ruined her life at 11 years old, and a mysterious boy that has her question everything.

YABC review:


I really LOVED the voice on this one about a circus family and a girl who wants to uncover the secrets behind the reason her family has been shunned from other circus actors.  A hint of the paranormal is woven throughout this very engaging, thrilling story!

I really enjoyed this collection of shorts that deal with monsters.  One of my favorites has to be Holly Black's short on 10 ways to be an interstellar pirate.  Plus Cassandra Clare's take on a vampire and a senior citizen's place is very engaging.


I'm really loving this tale of sixteen-year-old Leilani, who is half Hawaiian/half white, epileptic and living in Hilo, Hawaii.  While her father and her are at Oahu waiting to try an experimental treatment, a global disaster hits.  Can't wait to read more!

 Not a Cybil's nominated book but I downloaded the 'free' sample of WICKED and I'm HOOKED.

Purchased the $3.99 ebook for my Nook.  This is my 'treat' after reading the Cybils.  And omg, I think I finally found a New Adult novel that I'm loving but then again it's from author Jennifer Armentrout.   Why shouldn't I be surprised?

**Guilty pleasure:

Going to The Shops to 'choose' my Christmas present.  I want a Pandora bracelet.  Need to give husband 'ideas' on what charms I want.  Decisions.  Decisions!


Little Willow said…
Thinking good thoughts for Jenny!
Kim Baccellia said…
Thanks, Allie!

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