Friday Five

1. Had a great time Saturday with other Indie and small press pubbed authors! The librarian did a great job!

I had little swag bags filled with bookmarkers, a 'What Would Audrey Do' buttons, and a Blow Pop( Selena's favorite candy!). The swag bags were a hit. So were the new covers to the Goddesses series!

2. Been reading!

Love this collection of short stories that deal with the theme of teen love triangles.


Think YA meets Talented Mr. Ripley. Twists and turns throughout this novel with a very twisty ending.


Totally loved this story of a teen who blames himself for the tragic death of his three best friends after he texts them while they are driving. Mostly though this is a story of forgiving, not only what happened, but yourself. Highly recommend!

Satisfying twist on the whole premise of murdered teens getting revenge. Fast-paced ghostly tale of not only revenge, but redemption.

**Guilty Pleasure:
Plan on getting reading for Saturday's OCCRWA Birthday Bash! L…

Friday Five

1 A reminder:

I'll be at the Anaheim Central Library this Saturday from 1-4pm

2.  Love when the feedback I receive from my critique group is positive. My writing mentor wrote this on my pages:

Excellent job!

The scene I shared had been driving me crazy. It really felt good to know I might be back on the right track with this story!

3. Thank goodness for yoga. It's been helping me so much during all the craziness going on with our country and world right now.

4. Been going over Cybil's nominated books! You can still nominate your favorite book of this year!

5. Books I've read:

My YA Books Central Review:



Really loved the twist on the whole idea of what would you do if you found out your grandmother might have been on the wrong side of WW2? And what if in fact she had been in contact with the famous Anne Frank? This story had me on the edge of my…

Friday Five

1. This week started off with the horrific news about the shooting in Vegas. You all know by now that I lost a younger sister to gun violence. Her ex-boyfriend stalked her, and then ambushed her and shoot her point blank in the back of the head numerous times. Then the coward went on a high speed chase through Sacramento, before killing himself in front of the police and his grandmother.

After Colette's murder, my views on the NRA and guns totally changed.

What made the Vegas shooting incident even more haunting was my younger brother and his wife were in Vegas that same weekend. I remember my husband waking me up around 11pm on Sunday, asking if my brother was in Vegas? And at a concert? Then he shared that there was a shooting there. I texted my brother but didn't get a response. The whole time I'm praying, "Oh, god. No. Not again."  I finally was able to get a hold of him. They left at 2pm and were safe.

Teen son's mother was at the concert and heard the g…

Friday Five

1. Excited to be a part of the Cybils again! This year I'll be helping whittle down the top YA Fiction novels of this year!

Here's more on who I'll be working with!

Cybils 2017: Young Adult Fiction JudgesSeptember 25, 2017
Round 1Kim Baccellia
Si, Se Puede
YA Books Central
@ixtumea Kelly Hager   KellyVision @Khager Jenn Hubbs
Lost in a Great Book @lostingreatbook
Kelly Jensen
Stacked @veronikellymars
William PolkingGuys Lit Wire @polking Haley Schaffer   
Teachers Who Read
Pam ThompsonYoung Adult Books What We’re Reading Now @PThompson_EMS
Round 2:
Dahlia Adler
B&N Teen Blog @MissDahlELama Rebecca Cahill
The Page Unbound @rebeccarcahill
Amanda Gernentz Hanson
Amanda Gernentz Hanson
@amandamariegh Suze Lavender

Friday Five

1. I'll be at here on October 14th:

I'll also do a book signing afterwards. I plan on bringing copies of GODDESSES CAN WAIT and a couple of NO MORE GODDESSES. Plus, some swag!

2. Just got the galley of CROSS FIRE!

Need to go over it and write up an acknowledgement and dedication. Can't wait to see the cover of this one!

3. Also working on revisions of CANDLE. Hope to be able to query this out by the end of next month!

4. One sad note: Sunni pulled his one foot and hasn't been walking very well. Took him to the vet and he had an xray. Doctor said the good news is it's not broken or fractured. The not too good news is he's not walking without using his beak to get around. Doctor gave me some inflammatory meds to help with the pain. Please, send some positive, healthy vibes his way.

5. I was beyond excited when Penguin teen sent me DEAR MARTIN:

Link to YA Books Central review:

Teaser: There's lots of to…

Friday Five

1. First, I want to share this amazing review I got:

Do you consider yourself “normal” or do you have exciting adventures, say with goddesses, for example? Even if you aren’t acquainted with gods or goddesses you can still have an adventure by reading Author Kim Baccellia’s latest novel GODDESSES CAN WAIT. And let me tell you, this author will take you on a wild adventure that you won’t soon forget.

Jordan Lake’s evening starts out dining with her family and best friend, Selena Garza, a simple family affair. Jordan is remembering her recent encounter with two Egyptian goddesses, that thankfully had a happy ending. Now, she just wants to be normal, if that is possible. When Jordan’s grandmother joins them for dinner with a gift for Jordan her life changes, however, and she soon finds herself on a flight to Paris, along with Selena and Jordan’s grandmother. Jordan is ecstatic. Images of Audrey Hepburn (her heroine), the River Seine, and macaroons dance in her head. But she also has an une…

Friday Five

1. Sorry I didn't write a Friday Five post last week. Was busy finishing up copy edits on the sequel to CROSSED OUT! Can't wait for it to come out!

My sequel has more paranormal happenings and some spells. I had a lot of fun writing this one!

2. On the other news, got a couple emails with charges for things I didn't buy. One from a Staples in New Mexico for $322 and another one from the UK for $200. Had to get copies of my credit report and also put freezes on my accounts. I'm afraid someone might have opened a credit card in my maiden name.

Then to make matters worse, found out that Equifax had a mega breach. Even more fishy was that some executives sold stock right before disclosing what happened:

So will be watching accounts. Recommend that everyone at least get a copy of their credit reports to see if their credit has been compromised. Better safe than sorry.

3. Did get some mor…