Mistletoe & Magic

I'm excited to announce that my short story, A SHOT OF CHRISTMAS MAGIC, is included in the anthology MISTLETOE & MAGIC!

Some fun short stories include one by YA author Michelle MacQueen: THE K WORD: CAMERON

Cameron Tucker really likes his friend Peyton. All he can do is think about her. Then a cruel comment ruins everything. Can he still let Peyton know how he really feels?

I love how MacQueen is able to get inside the mind of Cameron and let readers see how he struggles to let Peyton know his true feelings while still having a hard time with his peers perceptions. Peyton isn't the 'perfect' girl that is shown on social media. But who really is? Cameron's feelings are shown in a realistic way and how he needs to step up to the plate if he wants to keep Peyton as not only maybe a future love interest, but as a friend.

Michelle MacQueen is @michellelynn_author over on Instagram
@authormichellel over on Twitter

YA author Amalie Jahn's story AFTER CHECKMATE is …

Upcoming Announcement!

Excited to share an exciting announcement!

Stay tuned!!!!!

**And YES it has something to do with writing!

Excited to Announce...

I'm excited to announce....

I'll be a part of the Cybils this year!  I'm on the second panel that will judge what was the best YA graphic novel of the year!

Round 1: Mel Schuit
Let’s Talk Picture Books
@spiky_penelope Lexie Cenni
For the Sake of Reading
@PRationality Christa Seeley
Women Write About Comics/This is a Metaphor 
@christasbooks Cecelia Larsen
Adventures of Cecelia Bedelia
@ceceliabedelia John Mutford
The Book Mine Set
@bookmineset Maggi Rohde
Books for Squids
@mama_librarian Megan Kelly
Devour Books
@33megan33 Round 2: Kim Baccellia
Si, Se Puede
@ixtumea Cheriee Weichel
Library Matters
@CherieeWeichel Helen Murdoch
Helen’s Book Blog
@hcmurdoch Ardo Omer
Put A Blurb On It
@ardoomer Benedict Hutchinson

CROSSED FIRE review blog tour

I'm excited to be a part of a review blog tour:

Here's where I'll be:

August 22: Long and Short Reviews
August 29: books are love
August 29: The Book Connection (first chapter review)
September 5: The Reading Addict
September 5: Book Bite Reviews
September 5: Fabulous and Brunette
September 5: B-Gina Review
September 12: Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts and Reviews
September 12: Bookaholic

Stop by and comment for a chance of winning a $20 Amazon or B/N gift card and a $20 Starbucks card!

One year ago today

A year ago today my mother died. I remember her telling me she was so afraid she would die around her 79th birthday. I brushed her fears off, thinking it was nothing.  Mom was happy with Elwood, my stepdad. Her life had improved so much in the eleven years they'd been together. Yes, she had really bad complications from her stage 2 Diabetics, but like a child, I thought she'd live forever.

It's been really hard this week. I miss her smile. Her optimism, Her voice. We used to talk to each other at least 2 times a week.

Mom wouldn't want me to be down. If anything she said we need to remember those we loved and celebrate their lives. Think of the joy and happiness. Not the pain.

So today I will celebrate the life of Carolyn Jean Console Baccellia Greer.

Mom was born in 1938 and her fondest memories included growing up in Reche Canyon, Ca and being around her cousins. She also loved the time she lived in Ashland, Oregon with her sisters and her aunt Kaye's family.


Friday Five

1. So far this summer has involved driving teen to summer school class. He had to retake algebra 2 at another school in the district. In this class he's mostly on the computer. Let's just say I'll be happy when this is over. It's involved six weeks of M-Thursday 8am classes.

Yeah, it's been a stressful summer:

Mediation has been helping. So has reading. And large iced tea lattes from Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

2. Been on a little hiatus from writing. Instead I've been reading more.

Here's some teasers from some of the books I've read:


Link to YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Fast-paced romp with the infamous crime couple Bonnie and Clyde that shows Bonnie Parker's human side while she rides with Clyde towards a tragic end. Well researched, this is a must read for those who love historical novels from this time period.


THE RED RIBBON by Lucy Adli…

Friday Five

Wow, I haven't blogged for a little over a month! Sorry about that!

Now that scoring is officially over, I'm back!!!

1. Even though I won't be at ALA 18 in New Orleans, my book GODDESSES CAN WAIT will be at the IBPA exhibit.  Wish I could be there, but have to stay here as teen needs to go to summer school.

 My book is listed on page 20 of the IBPA 2018 ALA catalog!

2. I've been working on my New Adult romance, trying to nail the voice so my protagonist Sammi doesn't sound like a teen.

3. Also been taking an Italian class at the local junior college. The language is very close to Spanish and I often get confused.

4. Books I've read so far this week:


The link to my YA Books central review:

Engaging Sci-fi thriller that is guaranteed to keep you reading until the end. Fans o…