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Friday Five

1. Can't believe it's almost March!!!

The weather's been really warm and it feels almost like Spring.

Northern Ca and Washington state are getting TONS of rain.  So are the Sierra Madre mountains. It does look like we will get some rain in March.  Our office was flooded two years ago during March rain storms.  Hoping for rain but not tons of it.

2. Reading lots this week!

Here's some of what I've been reading:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: This is a great collection of tales that brings back memories of hot days and summer love.


.YA Books Central review:

Teaser:  Whirlwind romance in the heart of New Orleans with characters that decide to take a chance on each other with very satisfying results.

4.Right now reading this anthology:

This is a must read for any fans of Morganville and for those who want to read shorts on s…

Friday Five

1. It's raining!

This means of course that I have to be extra careful driving on the I-5 freeway as people out here don't know how to drive in the rain.  I'm from Northern Ca-Sacramento-so it never fails to amaze me how Southern Californians react in the rain.

2. Total DUH moment: On TV last night a nurse reported that this is the worse flu season she's seen.

Son was out for a whole week due to this virus and husband's been sick for over 2 fricking weeks.

3. Been attacking this revision.  Following feedback from YA author on how to polish this baby.  Also going to enter the Rosemary Awards...again.

4. Look what I got yesterday:

My reaction whenever I get a box of books!

**I've been going through a dry spell with reading YA.  Totally HATE when that happens.  So I picked up this book:


Amazing read of two sisters and how they deal with the invasion of France during World War 2.  Very powerful and bittersweet, this story had tons of feels:
Also reading:
This i…

Friday Five

1. Well, the plague has hit our household.  Son's been out all week.  Husband had it for OVER  a week.  Both went to the doctor.  Both were told it's NOT the flu but has very similar symptoms--fever, sore throat, aches, headache, fatigue, and no voice.

Sounds like the flu to me.

2. I was able to go to coffee house to get some more editing done.  Plus, need to get out of house!

Almost at midpoint in this latest round of revising.  Whew.  Cut out almost 10K of this novel.  Going over feedback from critique buddy and another YA author that I had read it over.

3. Signed up to go to RWA16!  It's in San Diego this year which is like an hour drive away.  Need to push my fears of driving to a different place by myself aside and do it!  But the cost of the hotel is very $$$.  This means I can only go for 2 days.  Still, it'll be a nice get away and I can mingle with other romance writers!

4. Didn't read as much this week due to this stupid viral infection.

Here's a co…

Friday Five

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1.  This is start of Spring semester.  My last semester homeschooling.

It'll be nice to have a break.  Son is almost 15 years old and wants to be with his friends.  The charter school's student center has hardly any teens attending.  I think this will be nice for both of us.  I just worry about how he'll do but he does need to experience the whole high school thing.

2. I'm really liking THE SHADOWHUNTERS but rumor has it the stats aren't there.


The chemistry between the characters is so much better than the movie version.  Hope more people give it a chance!

3. Working on this revision.  Cutting LOTS and adding more details that need to be in it.  Hopefully with son going back to public school this will free me up to write more and get this baby done by the end of this year!

Also enjoying SHANNARA which is on MTV.  It's based on the fantasy series by Terry Brooks:

3. Always nice to get emails from…