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Friday Five

1. Been outlining my NaNowrimo project and doing some research too.  NaNo starts next Tuesday!!!
I'm @ixtumea over there if anyone else wants to friend me!

2. Been reading more Cybils's nominated books.  Just wow on the selection this year!  There's some awesome books out there!

Really devoured this alternative historical from YA author Michael Grant:

What would have happened if women served with men during WWII?  Love how Grant doesn't hold back with his realistic portrayals of the courageous women.  Can't wait for the sequel(which I'm getting from YABC to review!) as it's set in Sicily where my own grandfather fought.


This one I had mixed feelings on.  Pluses: strong protagonist that refuses to let a sexual crime make her a victim; fab BFF; wonderful support system; and great parents.  My only concern is that this isn't the norm whenever a girl is raped.  I think that if that's stressed, this book would be great especial…

Friday Five

1. Most of this week I've been checking Cybil's nominated books out from my library.

This YA of a teen that goes on a cruise with her family was unique as it deals with a current controversial subject: dying with dignity or as some called it euthanasia.

Pluses: LOVED the quirky voice of this story.  There's dark humor but also hope.  I really loved that.
But I admit, I'm still on the fence on whether or not to vote to have dying with dignity in our state but I haven't been in a situation that my quality of life has deteriorated to this point.  I love how the grandmother came up with the idea of having all of her family celebrate her life and the end too.  The emotions are real.


I was eagerly waiting for the release after reading a teaser that was in a magazine **Think it was either Teen Vogue or Glamour magazine.

The author NAILS the depression in this novel.  I love the insight readers get into a teen battling with bipolar disorder and the stigm…

Friday Five

1. Starting to map out plot for my NaNowrimo project.

Hint: It's set in the Tuscany, Italy area.  I've been going back and forth between a 19 year old just in college to a 24 year old.

Also this will be the FIRST novel I've written without any paranormal/fantasy elements!

Gathering materials which include books, videos, and info from an Italian guy sister is seeing.

2. Also going over sequel edits...again.

3. Really excited about being a panelist for the Cybils's YA fiction category.

Right now reading:

Quirky tale of a teen that goes with family on a cruise with her dying grandmother.  Love the voice and the whole coming to terms with the death of a love one.


I'm really excited to read this one of a teen with bipolar disorder.

5. Also loving this new bilingual publisher and their take on diversity.

This one deals with a boy and his two dads.  Love the text!  I'm usually not a fan of books that have text in two languages as sometimes the…

Friday Five

1. Can you tell the setting of my NaNowrimo project:

2.  This week been working on my query letter and synopsis so I can start querying this baby out!

3.  Been going to McDonalds to pick up more DC Comics Super Hero Girls.

4. Isn't this adorable?  Friend put together a package with a Halloween 'orange' theme:

5. Right now halfway through reading:

Think YA meets FAST AND FURIOUS.  Really loving the chemistry between these two very unlikely couples.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Getting ready for tomorrow's OCCRWA Birthday Bash!

This is always a fun event!  Plus, I need to get away for a day and be with other writers.  It also helps recharge my writing.  I totally needing this right now!  Plus, I stay overnight at the hotel for the PJ party part.  This year I plan to go on one that goes over Instagram for writers.