Friday Five

1. Been outlining my NaNowrimo project and doing some research too.  NaNo starts next Tuesday!!!
I'm @ixtumea over there if anyone else wants to friend me!

2. Been reading more Cybils's nominated books.  Just wow on the selection this year!  There's some awesome books out there!

Really devoured this alternative historical from YA author Michael Grant:

What would have happened if women served with men during WWII?  Love how Grant doesn't hold back with his realistic portrayals of the courageous women.  Can't wait for the sequel(which I'm getting from YABC to review!) as it's set in Sicily where my own grandfather fought.


This one I had mixed feelings on.  Pluses: strong protagonist that refuses to let a sexual crime make her a victim; fab BFF; wonderful support system; and great parents.  My only concern is that this isn't the norm whenever a girl is raped.  I think that if that's stressed, this book would be great especially with discussions on rape.


First off kuddos to author for NAILING panic attacks. I deal with anxiety every day.  A while back, after a string of local break-ins, I got to the point that I didn't want to leave the house.  It was crushing and overwhelming the fear that just wouldn't go away.  Whaley shows the very extreme of what I experienced with his protagonist.  Only he stays in the house for three years.  Enter an over achieving girl who wants to use his experience to her benefit on a college essay.  Add her boyfriend; Star Trek references; and struggling to make sense of what some would say was an illogical situation.


I'm excited that next Wednesday, November 2nd, I'll be hosting YA author Ryan Graudin for a YABC author Twitter chat.  This series has a paranormal element on what would happen if the Nazis did win the war.  **Can you see a theme with some of the books I've been reading?

**For Halloween this year, son decided to go 'Goth'.  Here he is at his first party.  He didn't put as much makeup on as it was a church party/dance.  

Guilty Pleasure:

Today I need to sit with my Sunday School class as they practice for a performance this Sunday.  I team teacher with my husband.  These kiddos are 5 years old and cute.

After the practice, I'm so grabbing a Starbucks drink!  My favorite seasonal one has to be the Mocha Chili one.


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