Friday Five

1. Can you tell the setting of my NaNowrimo project:

2.  This week been working on my query letter and synopsis so I can start querying this baby out!

3.  Been going to McDonalds to pick up more DC Comics Super Hero Girls.

4. Isn't this adorable?  Friend put together a package with a Halloween 'orange' theme:

5. Right now halfway through reading:

Think YA meets FAST AND FURIOUS.  Really loving the chemistry between these two very unlikely couples.

**Guilty Pleasure:

Getting ready for tomorrow's OCCRWA Birthday Bash!

This is always a fun event!  Plus, I need to get away for a day and be with other writers.  It also helps recharge my writing.  I totally needing this right now!  Plus, I stay overnight at the hotel for the PJ party part.  This year I plan to go on one that goes over Instagram for writers.


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