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Friday Five

1. This week has been stressful and crazy with school starting.   Son is taking an online pre-algebra class and it's been challenging to figure out how to send things over to the teacher plus getting son motivated to do the class work.  Then went to the student center and he LOVED the Spanish class and enjoyed the first art class.

But he didn't like the Lego class.  I think at 13 years old, he's ready to move on.

Add to all this, a dentist appointment on Monday in which son had two baby teeth extracted; more paperwork to complete(one huge thing I HATED about being a public school teacher), having a 8am class on Fridays(ugh), and still not having the math book even after I preordered it the beginning of this month(what's up with that Amazon?)

2. Yesterday finally opened the yellow pack from Joyce Sweeney and read her feedback on my other project EL COMPUESTO and omg had one of those 'moments' that I'm like omg, I think I get this!


3. Finished readin…

Wipmadness Week 4: New Beginnings

Summer is winding down out here.  School starts on Wednesday(Ugh, is it that time of the year again?) and I'm halfway through my Fall objectives for this year.  Thank goodness son will attend our charter's student center for musical theater, yearbook, leadership, Spanish, art, and Lego League.  Plus, this year I signed him up for an online pre-algebra class as I REFUSE to teach eighth grade math this time around.  And an added bonus?  A friend, who loves math and homeschools her eighth grader, is going to work with son one day a week too!

Can you all believe son is now an eighth grader?

Wow, time flies by!

Today's theme for Wipmadness is new beginnings.  This time of year reminds me of starting new.  Son will be in eighth grade and learning new things like conversational Spanish and pre-algebra.

Me?  I'm revisiting my edgier romantic thriller and hope to breathe some new life into it.  I finished my last revision last Friday and sent it off to my editor.  And that fel…

Friday Five

1.  This one is huge:


Now need to send to Liz, my editor.

2. Read this fun witchy story:

YA Books Central review:


What worked: The writing is fun, catchy, that reminded me of CHARMED meets SECRET CIRCLE only with witty dialogue and a reluctant heroine. 

There's lots to love in this novel. Indigo only wants to be normal and fit in. At first glance, you'd think she was one of the popular kids as she's dating the hot football player, is a cheerleader, and seats at the 'Pretty Table' at lunch with her frenemy Bianca. Life couldn't be sweeter. Only she is kind of embarrassed of her quirky mom who owns an occult shop and who actually believes in things like witches. This backdrop is very fun and I totally devoured the first couple pages as I followed Indigo through LA. 

3. Reading this amazing haunting tale: 

Love this twist on Edgar Allan Poe's THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER.  Cree…

Wipmadness Week Three: Check In

Can you all believe it's almost time for school to start?  Our school starts next Wednesday.  Since I homeschool through a charter school, this means I'm teaching my now eighth grader son.  I was smart this time around and signed him up on an on-line pre-algebra course.  Whew!  He also goes twice a week to the student center, which is a school with credentialed teachers.  He'll be taking other courses there too.

Still this means I have to do lesson plans and other 'fun' stuff that I used to do when I was a full-time teacher.

So for today's post I thought we'd check in with our progresses.  Don't feel bad if you didn't do much!  It's totally cool to take a 'break' now and then!  I think that this does help the creative juices flow.

I should be done with my revision by this weekend!  Yay, me!  Then I need to concentrate on lesson plans for the new school year!

OMG, did I mention I'll be teaching 8th grade!

A little Audrey to motive me …

Friday Five

1. Going back and forth with something that will be real fun!  Stay tuned for news!!!!

**Hint, it will be in my hometown and it deals with diversity!

2.  Almost done with the second goddess book.  Just got feedback on the last few chapters.  My fab critique buddy had some great suggestions which I will add in.  So looks like next Friday, when I can hit the 'send' button and send it over to Liz, my editor!

3. Been reading:

This is the last book in the Lux series.  Love Daemon.  Need I say more?

4. Also got a box from Scholastic.  Reading:

Really liking the premise of a social media star teen who's younger sis is killed during filming one of her fashion vlogs.  Cyber bullying is addressed plus the emotions with dealing with a tragedy.

5. Ugh.  Yesterday had a couple moles removed from my throat and right in the middle of yoga, guess what happened?  Yup, it started bleeding...a lot.  I had to get up and leave.  I guess it was scary looking and all but I couldn't believe t…

#Wipmadness Week Two: Don't Give Up

This last Saturday I went to my local OCCRWA charter to get my PRO pin!

Love my charter!  Their motto: One hand forward, one hand back is so true.  This group has been so supportive, encouraging of my writing.  Love them!

Also loved this YouTube post from romance writer Laura Drake who won First New Book at RWA Nationals.  Love her writing journey.  It took her 15 years to get her book published.  Love, love her acceptance speech and including 2.41 where she talks about walls are there for those who don't want to be published bad enough.

So this week's theme is persistence.  How to keep going when you want to just throw your hands up and say, "Screw this."

Love this vlog from author K.M. Wieland:

Like I told other OCCRWA members last Saturday after I was presented with my PRO pin, my journey is on-going.  If it wasn't for the support, encouragement of writers in our wri…

Friday Five

1. This week I've been cruising through this revision.  Almost done!  Yay!!!!!

2. This summer I've been wearing hats!

Love this hat I got from Urban Outfitters!

3. Of course, I've been reading!

Let's just say this author sure knows  modeling!  Well, she was a model!  There's lots of behind the scenes in this story.  The only issue I've had is how convenient it was for the main character to become a model and the voice at times felt a little forced.  But tweens who love Paris and modeling will probably enjoy this latest from Sourcebooks!

4. I just got this in the mail.  Finally!

Can't wait to read what happens next in this alien love story!

Totally love Daemon!!!!

4. Also finally found a book on tape that I'm loving:

Think a futurist Titanic set in outer space only with creepy aliens that mess with your mind.


5. Sent my proposal to this upcoming #kidlitcon.  The theme will be on diversity.  I know I'm an expertise on this subject with my bili…

#Wipmadness Week One- Summer Time

I decided to carry on the #wipmadness pom poms this month as it's the last summer month and all.  I hope since it's summer break that most of you are still writing!

What summer means to me:

Photo courtesy of

Mexican hideaway--on our Disney cruise

Iguana friend on Puerta Vallarta  cruise trip

Summer fun on the beach:

Photo courtesy of Tumblr

During this summer I found I have to schedule in my writing time but not only do that but go to my coffee house and/or library otherwise I don't get anything done.

Somehow my muse has been thriving in these spots.

This works for me.  What do you all do in the summer time and how do you still squeeze in some writing?

***Last week's winner--


Email me at with the galley you'd like!

Here's a list of galleys available:

DON'T LOOK BACK and FIENDISH have been taken but the others including THE BRIDGE FROM ME TO Y…