Friday Five

1. This week I've been cruising through this revision.  Almost done!  Yay!!!!!

2. This summer I've been wearing hats!

Love this hat I got from Urban Outfitters!

3. Of course, I've been reading!

Let's just say this author sure knows  modeling!  Well, she was a model!  There's lots of behind the scenes in this story.  The only issue I've had is how convenient it was for the main character to become a model and the voice at times felt a little forced.  But tweens who love Paris and modeling will probably enjoy this latest from Sourcebooks!

4. I just got this in the mail.  Finally!

Can't wait to read what happens next in this alien love story!

Totally love Daemon!!!!

4. Also finally found a book on tape that I'm loving:

Think a futurist Titanic set in outer space only with creepy aliens that mess with your mind.


5. Sent my proposal to this upcoming #kidlitcon.  The theme will be on diversity.  I know I'm an expertise on this subject with my bilingual teacher experience plus my own Latina heritage.

Want to be included on this poster:

**Guilty pleasure:

Ordering the Mud Pie mix drink at Coffee Bean & Tea leaf when I'm finishing this revision.  Love this coffee house so much!

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