Friday Five

1. This week has been stressful and crazy with school starting.   Son is taking an online pre-algebra class and it's been challenging to figure out how to send things over to the teacher plus getting son motivated to do the class work.  Then went to the student center and he LOVED the Spanish class and enjoyed the first art class.

But he didn't like the Lego class.  I think at 13 years old, he's ready to move on.

Add to all this, a dentist appointment on Monday in which son had two baby teeth extracted; more paperwork to complete(one huge thing I HATED about being a public school teacher), having a 8am class on Fridays(ugh), and still not having the math book even after I preordered it the beginning of this month(what's up with that Amazon?)

2. Yesterday finally opened the yellow pack from Joyce Sweeney and read her feedback on my other project EL COMPUESTO and omg had one of those 'moments' that I'm like omg, I think I get this!


3. Finished reading the amazing gothic retelling of THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser: A great retellling of Poe's THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER that will please not only fans of Griffin but those who love a good, creepy tale.

4. After I saw the movie IF I STAY--which is filled with awesomeness sauce, I picked up the sequel as I had to know the fate of Mia and Adam-

Verdict:  LOVED!!!!!!

And seriously, if you haven't seen IF I STAY yet?  Why not?  It's an amazing adaptation of the book.  **I loved it more than THE FAULT IN OUR STARS.  That one I thought the voice didn't sound teen enough but rather like a couple college kids sitting in a dorm contemplating life in the universe.  The movie was much better in my opinion.

5. Just finished GHOST HOUSE:

This one had some great moments--a hot 1800s guy who 'shows' up along with some intense chemistry.  But it did remind me a lot of the MEDIATOR series by Meg Cabot.  Very similar premise of a girl who moves to a haunted house and 'falls' for the hot ghost.  Different voice though.  This one is a little more edgy--just the way I like them!

**Guilty Pleasure:

I hope to grab a copy of the latest Ellen Hopkin's book: RUMBLE

Love Ellen's writing and the theme of faith and forgiveness is right up there on my list of must read books!


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