Friday Five

1. Going back and forth with something that will be real fun!  Stay tuned for news!!!!

**Hint, it will be in my hometown and it deals with diversity!

2.  Almost done with the second goddess book.  Just got feedback on the last few chapters.  My fab critique buddy had some great suggestions which I will add in.  So looks like next Friday, when I can hit the 'send' button and send it over to Liz, my editor!

3. Been reading:

This is the last book in the Lux series.  Love Daemon.  Need I say more?

4. Also got a box from Scholastic.  Reading:

Really liking the premise of a social media star teen who's younger sis is killed during filming one of her fashion vlogs.  Cyber bullying is addressed plus the emotions with dealing with a tragedy.

5. Ugh.  Yesterday had a couple moles removed from my throat and right in the middle of yoga, guess what happened?  Yup, it started bleeding...a lot.  I had to get up and leave.  I guess it was scary looking and all but I couldn't believe the studio didn't have anything to help.  When I left to go to the bathroom, some women stopped and stared at me.  Yeah, it must have looked like a vampire had attacked me as blood seeped through my hands.  Lovely.

**Guilty Pleasure:

I'm really hoping THE GIVER, one of my all time favorite books that came out way before the Hunger Games/Divergent craze, is true to the book.  Going to see movie.


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