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My publisher MUSEITUP is going to have a special on my YA urban fantasy EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA at a SUPER DUPER DEAL: 1.99

The fab Lea, is also going to lower the price in the MuseItUp store, Amazon, and also have a Smashwords coupon posted for anyone who prefers to purchase through Smashwords.

Special is starting today and will be on for a week or so! If you do order one of my ebooks, DM and I'll send you some bookmarkers of not only EARRINGS OF IXTUMEA but my other YA paranormal CROSSED OUT!

EMBLAZE by Jessica Shirvington

Violet is back! I totally am a huge fan of this YA paranormal series. So when I received a galley of the third book, I did my own Snoopy dance of happiness!

Right off the bat, fallen angels literally crash in on Violet. But this time it’s around fellow classmates. Her fellow Grigori show up to help out. Just when she thinks they have things under control, her father takes a sudden interest in what’s going on with her. Not cool. Then Phoenix and his own band of fallen angels kidnap Steph. Violet needs to team up with her trainer and possible soul mate Lincoln in order to get her friend back. Once again not all is what it seems. Violet ends up having to go to the Greek island Santorini in order to exchange some ancient scriptures to get her friend back. She has to trust Phoenix, a rogue angel that he’ll not renege on his promise to get her friend back. One drawback is Phoenix wants the scriptures to unleash Lilith, the ultimate evil. Violet battles not only evil but her he…

Friday Five

1. Still a part of the healthy competition which means I've been eating more veggies every day! One lunch item I had was roasted butternut squash tossed with olive oil and cinnamon. It was actually really good! Now need to think of another veggie combination to eat.


Amazing read. Loved how the author was able to convey emotions in each sentence. I'm excited that the author is speaking at my local RWA meeting in March. Plan to go and meet her!

3. Right now reading

Love Vincent! I picture him looking like this:

There's just something romantic about the whole idea of a Reverent-someone who dies for you. Plus add Paris as the backdrop and I'm hooked!

YABC review coming soon!

4. Hope to see this either today or next week:

5. Working on my revision of EL COMPUESTO which is turning into more of a rewrite.

**Guilty Pleasure:

I'm a gold card member of Starbucks(shocker, huh?) and have a free drink on my card. For ever 12 drinks, you earn a fr…

Friday Five

1. Joined a healthy competition group with some ladies from my church. It really does help to have support from others! My biggest challenge is eating the 5 veggies EVERY DAY. Ugh. Trying to be creative on this. Any suggestions would be great!

Finished reading:

This is book three in the EMBRACE series from Sourcebooks. Let me tell you, this book has total Wowza appeal!

YABC review and interview coming soon!

Ooh, just found out this YA paranormal is available as an ebook through Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a limited time for $2.99. I've been hearing some amazing things about this book and yeah, I downloaded it on my Nook!

Saw this and had to have:

Yes, for yet more research!

Got a twitter the other day from Maria from Sesame Street! So cool! I posted on Twitter that I couldn't wait to read this nominated ALA book:

Little did I know who wrote this! Yes, she's the actress from Sesame Street. Showed to son's theater teacher, who's also Latina, and sh…