EMBLAZE by Jessica Shirvington

Violet is back! I totally am a huge fan of this YA paranormal series. So when I received a galley of the third book, I did my own Snoopy dance of happiness!

Right off the bat, fallen angels literally crash in on Violet. But this time it’s around fellow classmates. Her fellow Grigori show up to help out. Just when she thinks they have things under control, her father takes a sudden interest in what’s going on with her. Not cool. Then Phoenix and his own band of fallen angels kidnap Steph. Violet needs to team up with her trainer and possible soul mate Lincoln in order to get her friend back. Once again not all is what it seems. Violet ends up having to go to the Greek island Santorini in order to exchange some ancient scriptures to get her friend back. She has to trust Phoenix, a rogue angel that he’ll not renege on his promise to get her friend back. One drawback is Phoenix wants the scriptures to unleash Lilith, the ultimate evil. Violet battles not only evil but her heart in this very satisfying third book.

I can sum this book up in one word: Wowza! There is so much to love about this series. There’s a love triangle, action, suspense, mystery, and lush descriptions.

This series is highly addictive! Just when you think you know what will happen next, the author throws in a curve or two to take you off guard. Violet’s father ‘suddenly’ is interested in what’s going on with Violet and this gets in the way. Add Josephine, a leader, who has her own secrets and interest in Violet.

The biggest plus of this series has to be the emotional punch that happens between Violet and not only Lincoln but Phoenix. I have to say Phoenix is a great anti-hero. He does things for his own purposes, like kidnapping Steph in order to get the scriptures, but he also can’t deny the feelings he has for Violet. The reader isn’t quite sure what to think of this fallen angel or like Violet, whether or not to trust his true intentions.

Well-written with a huge wowza factor, I dare you to not get caught up in this tale!


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