Friday Five

1. Joined a healthy competition group with some ladies from my church. It really does help to have support from others! My biggest challenge is eating the 5 veggies EVERY DAY. Ugh. Trying to be creative on this. Any suggestions would be great!

Finished reading:

This is book three in the EMBRACE series from Sourcebooks. Let me tell you, this book has total Wowza appeal!

YABC review and interview coming soon!

Ooh, just found out this YA paranormal is available as an ebook through Amazon and Barnes & Noble for a limited time for $2.99. I've been hearing some amazing things about this book and yeah, I downloaded it on my Nook!

Saw this and had to have:

Yes, for yet more research!

Got a twitter the other day from Maria from Sesame Street! So cool! I posted on Twitter that I couldn't wait to read this nominated ALA book:

Little did I know who wrote this! Yes, she's the actress from Sesame Street. Showed to son's theater teacher, who's also Latina, and she's really excited to read this book too! **Another reason why you never know who'll respond to your twitters.

**Guilty pleasure:

Going to Irvine Spectrum and getting my eyebrows waxed from Benefit. I know, that might not sound too fun but I love Benefit and it's like Oprah once said, "Every woman should get her eyebrows waxed at least once." Yes, it makes a big difference!

Plan to pick up a copy of UNRAVEL ME. Author will be speaking at my local RWA charter in March!

Plus might get one of these:

Only without the whip cream and with soy milk. Still looks and tastes really good!

Also will continue to work on my revision and use the feedback/suggestions from my fab critique partner Christine.


Jessie Harrell said…
thanks for the tip about Crewel! I've been meaning to read this, and I guess the timing was perfect. Happy weekend! :)
Kim Baccellia said…
Happy weekend to you too! Beth Revis recommends!

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