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Wow, can you all believe TOMORROW is October?


So for my last post as this month's WIPMADNESS host, I'll share something from A YEAR OF WRITING DANGEROUSLY by Barbara Abercrombie:

102 Five Things Writers Can Learn From Cats

I love cats. In my latest book a cat plays a part in the mystery behind weird things happening around Jordan.

1. Stay focused:

I admit it, I'm addicted to social media especially Twitter. I need to set a limit to my time online and concentrate more on writing. But man it's SO HARD!!!!

2. Retrain mystery

Once I was at a SCBWI Schmooze and asked a fellow author what her project was about. She told me, "I don't tell as it jinxes my work."

Oops. Does anyone else feel this way? I have learned not to go into detail with my current projects or even give out title names as I found somehow others have similar ones.

3. Hunt(i.e. take notes)quietly.

4. Be independent

5. Be still and silent for long periods of time.

I love to go on da…

Friday Five

1. This week's been crazy as usual! All I can say is thank god for son's student center as I'm able to go to my favorite coffee house: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and WRITE!

2. Well, today sister-in-laws are coming down from Utah to go through mother-in-law's storage. Very stressful. I'm going to try to stay the heck out of it all. Let's just say it's guaranteed to be Drama City. Popcorn is optional.

3. What does help? Books!

Been reading this one:


Engaging contemporary YA about a spoiled teen who ends up being kidnapped by modern day Somalian pirates who are NOTHING like Jack Sparrow. I like how the protagonist grows in a very difficult situation. What is hard for me to accept through is the idea of her 'falling' in love with one of the pirates. I don't buy the Stockhom Syndrome. Other than that though, fast paced story which doesn't hold back with the reasons behind the Somalians kidnapping to the horror aboard the y…

Wipmadness Week 4-Why Read

My gosh, can you believe it's already the end of September?

For today's theme I want to share something I heard in the hallway at RWA12 while waiting for a book signing. A couple writers in line were talking and the discussion somehow got to what they thought about reading while writing.

"I don't read while I'm writing. Period. I don't want whatever I'm reading influence me in my own work."

Of course that got my attention and since I'm not shy by any means, I told them I disagreed to a point.

Some others agreed with that one writer and other were like me and disagreed. I do try not to read books that are too close to the premise I'm writing but even then I've found most are nothing like my current project.


186. Why Read

...You need books for inspiration, research, entertainment,as a model and to remind you why you're writing in the first place. (If you don't, why write?&…

Friday Five

1. So excited that I finally got to meet YA author Ellen Hopkins last night!  I've been a huge fan of hers since BURNED.

Excited to have her sign the sequel-- SMOKE.

**Yes, I was teary eyed finally meeting Ellen. She's beyond amazing. I got goosebumps hearing her read from SMOKE and emotions came to me once again of my own troubled teens with an abusive father.


This is the fun companion novel to MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEENTH CENTURY! This series is light, fun, and romantic. Everything most teens I know are looking for in a YA romance!

3. Finished reading the graphic novel MY BOYFRIEND IS A MONSTER  WRAPPED UP IN YOU.

This is a fun series with a twist on what paranormal being the boyfriend is.  In this case it's a 500 year old Incan prince who was awoken.

My YA Books Central review:

4. Can't wait for the next Meg Cabot book!

This series is hila…


Hello YA Fans!

I'm very exited to reveal to you the 60, count 'em 60 authors that will be featured on the Fall 2013 YA Scavenger Hunt! That means that not only do you get access to exclusive bonus material from each one, and a chance to enter so many contests that it will blow your mind, but there is also an opportunity to win an entire library shelf full of books because each author will be giving away one featured book as a prize. This time around I will be on the Gold Team. I may be showcasing a deleted scene, a new short story, or I might, perhaps give you an extended scene from my new Egyptian book. Who knows? With so many possibilities how can you miss it?

The YA Scavenger Hunt will be live from Oct 3rd at noon pacific until Oct 6th at the same time. That will give you lots of time to read...well, pretty much everything. So, without further ado, here are our fabulous YA Hunt authors!