Friday Five

1. So excited that I finally got to meet YA author Ellen Hopkins last night!  I've been a huge fan of hers since BURNED.

Excited to have her sign the sequel-- SMOKE.

**Yes, I was teary eyed finally meeting Ellen. She's beyond amazing. I got goosebumps hearing her read from SMOKE and emotions came to me once again of my own troubled teens with an abusive father.


This is the fun companion novel to MY SUPER SWEET SIXTEENTH CENTURY! This series is light, fun, and romantic. Everything most teens I know are looking for in a YA romance!

3. Finished reading the graphic novel MY BOYFRIEND IS A MONSTER  WRAPPED UP IN YOU.

This is a fun series with a twist on what paranormal being the boyfriend is.  In this case it's a 500 year old Incan prince who was awoken.

My YA Books Central review:

4. Can't wait for the next Meg Cabot book!

This series is hilarious!

5. Tried the Chocolate Hazelnut coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

Hands down Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has the best tea, coffee, atmosphere than Starbucks.  I love to write here and I do every Tuesday and Thursday.  Since I'm allergic to milk, I skip the whip cream and have the coconut/almond milk instead.  I also opt for decaf as I'm not a huge fan of caffeine.

**Guilty pleasure:

Okay, this is really up to son and his behavior.  Since he turned 12 he's developed 'tude.  I seriously think all the snark I gave my mom is coming back to bite me on the butt...big time.  Sigh.  Any useful suggestions on how to deal would be helpful...

Anyway, I'm hoping we can go to the Original Pancake House so I can have my favorite breakfast:

This dutch baby is filled with eggs, apples, cinnamon, and probably a bazillion + calories and carbs but I don't care!  It's a treat.  And man is it yummy!


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