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Friday Five

1. Now that teen's in public high school I'm able to write every day!  I've been getting in over 2 hrs a day which is really helping me finish this latest project!

**As of 1pm, I finished this revision!

Goal for next week is to work on the query letter and synopsis!

2. I also am able to go to the 9am yoga class for bone loss.  My doctor recommended I take these classes as I have a little bone loss on my right femur.

3. Teen so far is doing okay at the public high school.  I've been trying to help him budget his time better and be more organized.  He has ADHD and gets frustrated really easily and is very shattered.  We also went to the specialist to help too.

Here's hoping he succeeds at the public high school!

4. I've been concentrating on finishing this revision, so I didn't get much reading in this week.

I did read:

Loved this modern day twist of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!
YA Books Central review:
Teaser: B…

Friday Five

1. Great news!  I just found out that I'm on the YA Fiction panel of the Cybils this year!!

I've been wanting to be on this panel since FOREVER.  There's a lot of awesome YAs out this year.  Can't wait to start discussing titles with other Cybils panelists!

2. Almost done with final revisions on CANDLE!

3. Also got email with editor for the sequel to CROSSED OUT.  Should be getting a schedule soon!

4. Books I've read this week include:

This book has an intriguing premise that felt like the TV series JERICHO meets RED DAWN.  This is listed as a New Adult novel but I think it could very well be a crossover book. The book is pretty good but one thing pulled me out: the description of Mexican Americans which was at times stereotypical.  Some of the dialogue was cringe-worthy too.  I was curious if it was just me feeling this way on the dialogue, so I asked my Mexican national sister-in-law Angie her take.  She said that though it could be technically 'correct',…


I'm excited to be a part of the BLACK FLOWERS, WHITE LIES blog tour!

ABOUT BLACK FLOWERS, WHITE LIES Publisher: Sky Pony Press | October 4, 2016
Her father died before she was born, but Ella Benton knows they have a supernatural connection. Since her mother discourages these beliefs, Ella keeps her cemetery visits secret. But she may not be the only one with secrets. Ella’s mother might be lying about how Dad died sixteen years ago. Newfound evidence points to his death in a psychiatric hospital, not as a result of a tragic car accident as her mother always claimed. After a lifetime of just the two of them, Mom suddenly feels like a stranger.

When a handprint much like the one Ella left on her father’s tombstone mysteriously appears on the bathroom mirror, at first she wonders if Dad is warning her of danger as he did once before. If it’s not a warning, could her new too-good-to-be-true boyfriend be responsible for the strange occurrences? Or maybe it’s the grieving building superinte…

Friday Five

1. Been working on yet another round of edits for my latest project.  I'm at page 200!  Over halfway done!

My goal is to finish this by the end of the month.

My reward is to go see a movie.

2. So this whole public high school experience has been interesting.  Yes, son says he likes it and hopefully he'll do well here.
3. Finally got a copy of Sandra Cisneros's latest:
Love Cisneros's poetry.  A HOUSE OF MY OWN is a reflection of all the places that she has called 'home'.  Her lyrical writing is in each tale.
Reading this for a blog tour. Hints of the paranormal are woven throughout this suspenseful tale.
YA Books Central review coming soon!
Really loved the first book in this series!  THE REMNANT starts off right after Char has been arrested in space.  Can't wait to see what happens!
**Guilty Pleasure:
Later today will be packing for mother-in-law who is going back to Utah.  It's kind of hard to do this as I'm pretty sure she has the …

Friday Five

1. First off:

I'm a finalist in the 2016 Pages From The Heart Contest!

Espie would be proud!  **My Latina protagonist!

2. Now that son's in public high school, I'm able to get more writing in plus go to this amazing early morning yoga class.

Love Susan's class as she's trained on what yoga postures to use for bone loss.  My doctor highly recommended these classes.

3. Plus, there's more time to get some reading in.

A few books I've read this week:


This is a totally trippy roam through different dimensions in the multiverse.

My YABC review:

Teaser: THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE meets YA world. This addictive tale will keep you guessing and wanting more!


Omg, on the emotional roller coaster ride in this YA where an abducted teen is reunited with her family.  Only she finds she's not the only one who has changed.

YA BOOKS Central review coming s…

Friday Five

1. This is the first week of school.  Teen was both nervous and excited to be going to the local high school where most of his friends hang.

Knock on wood that he does well!  My biggest concern has to be how the public school system doesn't work with kiddos that deal with ADHD and other sensory issues.  One good thing is that the kids in our church go there too.  **They even have a lunch area where they hang.  It's called Mormon Hill.

So far it's been okay.

2. Since teen's in school, that means I have time to concentrate more on my writing.

Have a sequel scheduled to come out before the end of this year!  Also doing another run through with my latest project.  Hoping it'll be polished enough to send out by October.  Or at least before NaNo.

3. I've been going to coffee houses and libraries to write as people think that since I'm not homeschooling that means I have LOTS of free time.

 I hear this, "I can't do it as I have a job."

Uh, and I don&…


My September goals include:

Work on current project.  Go over at least 2 chapters a day.

If someone asks at the last minute to drop everything and do something for them, remember this:

3. Go to yoga at least 2xs a week.  Power walk at least 3xs a week.