Friday Five

1. First off:

I'm a finalist in the 2016 Pages From The Heart Contest!

Espie would be proud!  **My Latina protagonist!

2. Now that son's in public high school, I'm able to get more writing in plus go to this amazing early morning yoga class.

Love Susan's class as she's trained on what yoga postures to use for bone loss.  My doctor highly recommended these classes.

3. Plus, there's more time to get some reading in.

A few books I've read this week:


This is a totally trippy roam through different dimensions in the multiverse.

My YABC review:

Teaser: THE TIME TRAVELER'S WIFE meets YA world. This addictive tale will keep you guessing and wanting more!


Omg, on the emotional roller coaster ride in this YA where an abducted teen is reunited with her family.  Only she finds she's not the only one who has changed.

YA BOOKS Central review coming soon!


It was so refreshing to finally read a book that deals with Dia De Los Muertos in a realistic light without glossing over it.  Zoraida NAILS the Latino culture in this magically world.  I was lucky enough to host her the other night and have to check out her Playlist she used for her novel.  I highly recommend this book!

**Guilty Pleasure:

Have you tried the latest Starbucks drink?  The Chile Mocha is to die for.  Very yummy!  Might grab one when I pick son up after school!


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