Friday Five

1. Now that teen's in public high school I'm able to write every day!  I've been getting in over 2 hrs a day which is really helping me finish this latest project!

**As of 1pm, I finished this revision!

Goal for next week is to work on the query letter and synopsis!

2. I also am able to go to the 9am yoga class for bone loss.  My doctor recommended I take these classes as I have a little bone loss on my right femur.

3. Teen so far is doing okay at the public high school.  I've been trying to help him budget his time better and be more organized.  He has ADHD and gets frustrated really easily and is very shattered.  We also went to the specialist to help too.

Here's hoping he succeeds at the public high school!

4. I've been concentrating on finishing this revision, so I didn't get much reading in this week.

I did read:

Loved this modern day twist of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Beautifully written tale that brings two together against odds that are stacked against them. Mostly though it's a story that shows that love is love, no matter who it is.

5. Also McDonald's Happy Meals have toys from DC Super Heroes Girls.  YA author Lisa Yee wrote one of the books.  Very exciting!  So yeah, I've been getting Happy Meals for the toys:

**Guilty Pleasure:

Having company over for dinner.  Not sure yet if we'll have In & Out or pizza.  Always nice to take a break and catch up on things!


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