Friday Five

1. This is the first week of school.  Teen was both nervous and excited to be going to the local high school where most of his friends hang.

Knock on wood that he does well!  My biggest concern has to be how the public school system doesn't work with kiddos that deal with ADHD and other sensory issues.  One good thing is that the kids in our church go there too.  **They even have a lunch area where they hang.  It's called Mormon Hill.

So far it's been okay.

2. Since teen's in school, that means I have time to concentrate more on my writing.

Have a sequel scheduled to come out before the end of this year!  Also doing another run through with my latest project.  Hoping it'll be polished enough to send out by October.  Or at least before NaNo.

3. I've been going to coffee houses and libraries to write as people think that since I'm not homeschooling that means I have LOTS of free time.

 I hear this, "I can't do it as I have a job."

Uh, and I don't?

This is me when I get yet another text or call asking for me to drop everything.

3. Books I've read:

YA Books Central review:

Teaser: Psychological thriller on the aftermath of a girl being returned to her family after being missing for thirteen years. Twists on what might have in fact really happened that will surprise readers at the end.


I was really excited to read this one as I loved her book SMILE.  But something about this novel just didn't sit right with me.  The idea of a young sister with cystic fibrosis and ghosts works. What doesn't is the portrayal of Mexican culture and Dia de Los Muertos which felt almost as an after thought. Or as one of those 'cool' Mexican holidays that was glossed over. But that's just me.

I did one post where I mentioned that unless a writer does his/her research first--don't just plop in a holiday or piece of a culture just because it feels 'cool'.  I think if the author dropped the Dia de Los Muertos and just concentrated on a young girl and the ghosts, it would have worked better.  Or at least mention how this holiday is more than painted skull faces and skeletons.  

Ok, rant over!

**Guilty pleasure:

Plan to start reading:


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