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Friday Five

1. Finished second round of edits!

2. I have a YA Books Central giveaway going on!  Check it out:

I'll be giving away signed copies of both books in the Myth & Mayhem series plus a cute Paris tote and other goodies!

3. Been working hard on latest round of revisions. My weekly critique group is helping me tighten and deepen my characters.  My goal is to get this round of revisions done before October so I can query it around again.

4.  Totally LOVED this book:

Bittersweet love story that alternates between 1938 at the beginning of World War 2 and 1989 Los Angeles. Lots of history behind stamp making. This reminded me of a Jewish THE NOTEBOOK. Heart-breaking at times, this story kept me turning the pages.

4. Also read a YA set in Paris: ON THE SPECTRUM.

The link to my YABC review:

Teaser: Coming of age story where teen goes to Paris to help her younger autist…

Friday Five

1. First off, I totally need to remember this rule:



Because it never fails to make me feel less than successful or worse.

2. This week also heard tragic news from an author friend in Texas. I've known her online since 2004 and she's been so encouraging and supportive of not only my writing career but helped me when I had to homeschool my son and dealing with my elderly mother-in-law. So I was heartbroken when it was posted that her husband and son were found dead of heat exhaustion while on a hiking trip in New Mexico.

My heart goes out to her right now.

Fellow author Melodye Shore posted something that I loved:

3. Almost done with the latest round of edits on my sequel to CROSSED OUT.

**Stay tuned for a book blog tour for GODDESSES CAN WAIT! It'll be the last week in July. More coming soon!

4. Still had some time for reading. THE HEARTS WE…

Friday Five

1. Wow, read this today and couldn't help but think of my own characters down in the catacombs where the goddess of love plays tricks on Jordan:

2. Stay tuned for another giveaway with YA Books Central!

3. Been working hard on second round of edits!

4. Excited to receive my June box of books from YA Books Central!

5. Right now reading THE HEARTS WE SOLD.

Intriguing look at how much it really 'costs' when you bargain with a demon. In this case, you have to give up a body part.

**Guilty pleasure:

Today's the last day of school. It's been a challenging year but I'm glad son completed his sophomore year.  He went to a public high school, so yes, it was an adjustment for all of us.

Now I'm hoping he can look for a summer job and keep active.

In the meantime, I plan to grab a LARGE iced drink to celebrate the end. **The s'more one is really, really GOOD.

Friday Five

1. Got back letter from publisher for the sequel to CROSSED OUT. She emailed me that..."I love the story and Steph is a lot more endearing now as are the other characters."

Now I'm working on round two of edits. Then it'll go to the copy editor.

Very excited about revisiting Stephanie's world!

2. Been revisiting my current project. Using the feedback and suggestions I received from editors/agents on what I need to strengthen the story.

I swear revisions are never ending! But it's a necessary part of the writing process.

3. Also read these books this week:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser:  Engaging portrayal of a diverse teen trying to make sense of her new school while coming to terms with her own heart.


Loving the snarky voice of Paige who finds herself on a mission to find her missing journalist parents.
5. Really loving this new summer TV series: STILL STAR…

Friday Five

1. So the plague has hit. I've been sick since Tuesday, plus son's still under the weather.

Oh, joy.

Lou Nelson, my writing mentor, suggested taking zinc.  So I'm doing that plus resting while teen is at school.

2. So I haven't done much writing but plan to get back to it soon!

3. Been reading though.  Latest:

I've been a fan of THE CAGE series since I was lucky enough to score a galley from YABC. This is the third and final book in the series and it's FRICKIN' AMAZING! I got to host Megan for a YABC Author Twitter chat a while back. Her books are so good! I totally recommend this TWILIGHT ZONE meets MAZE RUNNER.

4. 16 WAYS TO BREAK A HEART by Lauren Strasnick

My YA Books Central review:
Teaser: What I do like is how neither of these characters is the 'saint'. Each one has faults, insecurities, and selfishness. Natalie is high strung and very insecure with her border-line paranoi…