Friday Five

1. Got back letter from publisher for the sequel to CROSSED OUT. She emailed me that..."I love the story and Steph is a lot more endearing now as are the other characters."

Now I'm working on round two of edits. Then it'll go to the copy editor.

Very excited about revisiting Stephanie's world!

2. Been revisiting my current project. Using the feedback and suggestions I received from editors/agents on what I need to strengthen the story.

I swear revisions are never ending! But it's a necessary part of the writing process.

3. Also read these books this week:

My YA Books Central review:

Teaser:  Engaging portrayal of a diverse teen trying to make sense of her new school while coming to terms with her own heart.


Loving the snarky voice of Paige who finds herself on a mission to find her missing journalist parents.

5. Really loving this new summer TV series: STILL STAR-CROSSED. It shows what happened after Romeo and Juliet.

**Today I'm going to a funeral of the 20 year old daughter of husband's BFF. Cambria died after fighting stage four lymphoma. It's so sad and tragic but one thing I do love about my religion is that we do believe that we will be together again. This gives me strength but still it's so sad that such a young life has ended too soon.


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