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Friday Five

1. Decided to have my webmaster Little Willow vamp up my website to reflect more of my upcoming YA book's theme of 50/60ish/Audrey Hepburn.

Doesn't it rock?

2. Reading this amazing, chilly thriller right now:

Totally OMG worthy!

3. Got this one from the latest May Tab Scholastic book order for $4.99 Really enjoyed this YA vamp tale! 4. Week two of scoring 4th grade essays and rushing son off to his STAR testing had me feeling like this by Friday: 5. So I tried to get in some yoga: **Guilty Pleasure: Picking up new People mag which has the most attractive people of the year!

Friday Five

1. This week has been crazy with my part-time job of scoring 4th grade essays. I have to get in 20 hours a week and it was really hard. Hopefully next week will go more smoothly.

2. Also having a really hard time finding a book to read! I so hate that! But then I found one!

Loving this YA paranormal about the daughter of Lucifer and Lilith who comes down to Earth to find her missing half brother.

3. Needed a new playlist for my sequel. Yes, Jordan will find some cute guy in Paris! First love, first real kiss. Plus of course some danger and a god or two!

Love this song:

4. Also this one totally reflects the mood of my story: This one reminds me of Grams' 5. Getting a new washer/dryer and oven today! Yay! **Guilty pleasure: Yoga. In the early morning!

Friday Five

1. Finished reading ETERNITY CURE which is one amazing read!

My YABC review:

Teaser: There's action, suspense, mystery, and also a love story. Plus, betrayal from those around her. Who can she trust?

I was sucked right into this story. There's twists and turns and major revelations from characters. Not everyone is what they seem to be including Zeke. Exactly what is his motive to find Allie?

And Stick is back! Here's another example where the author could have left him as the cowardly, weak friend who stabs Allie in the back by betraying her. No, instead we see him now in the vampire tower that Allie hated when she lived outside of the Fringe. Now he's Mr. Stephen and he has his own secrets which involve some unresolved issues with Allie.

Great pacing, dynamtic chemistry between not only Allie and Zeke but her blood brother Jackal. Loved the dialogue between these two. And what is behind t…

The Eternity Cure Tour: Stick and Giveaway

Original post at

I'm so excited to be a part of the Eternity Cure tour. Love this series so much! What's not to love? There's Allie, a kick-ass heroine who lives in a dystopian world where vampires rule. There's action, suspense, mystery, and a forbidden love between a vampire and human. Plus, edge of the seat suspense!

You can find a lot of info on the newly launched Blood of Eden website:



Teaser: Emotion-packed vampire/dystopian tale with amazing writing and characters that make you hate to close the book. Plus some scream worthy revelations. Can't wait to read mor…

Friday Five

1. Well today the plumbers will be here all day replacing the broken pipes. I'll just be glad when it's done so I can then repair the office which needs to be repainted and have the carpet and baseboards replaced. I know, $$$

2. Finished reading PROPHECY GIRL:


I'm a huge fan of paranormal romances and PROPHECY GIRL is that and so much more. First off I totally fell in love with the voice. Amelia Bennett is a demon hunter who would eat Buffy the Vampire Slayer for breakfast. Her voice is hilarious with just enough snark and humor to keep you wanting to follow her anywhere. I know she did with me!

YABC review:

3. My non-fiction read is PARIS IN LOVE:

Love this memoir of a woman and her family that moved to Paris for a year.

4. Right now reading UNBREAKABLE by Elizabeth Norris:

The first book in this series, UNRAVELING was a Cybil's nominated book so I was able to get to read it then. Re…